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5 Top Online Time Clock Software Solutions in 2020

5 Top Online Time Clock Software Solutions in 2020

In the United States alone, the average adult spends 2 hours and 55 minutes on their smartphone with 90% spent on apps. With numbers like this, it’s no surprise that many businesses are changing how they operate, especially when it comes to time tracking . Traditional methods like Excel spreadsheets or pen and paper just don’t cut it anymore.

Why should you use a mobile time clock solution?

There are over a dozen more benefits but you probably get the point. Now, we don’t want to waste your valuable time so we compiled a list of the top five-time clock solutions in 2020. It

5 Top Online Time Clock Software Solutions in 2020

1. Connecteam 

Connecteam is the best mobile employee time clock app. A loaded statement but it’s entirely true. Why? Connecteam is an inexpensive solution that packs on advanced features that small businesses need. Don’t justtrack time with Connecteam, share updates, boost employee engagement, start a private or group chat, create schedules, improve compliance, standardize operating procedures and so much more. 

Now as we’re focused on time tracking, straight from their phone and while on-the-go, employees can clock in and out with a GPS time stamp, request vacation and time off, view current and past timesheets, and add detailed notes. Managers are able to instantly examine automated analytics, insights for work hours, absences and more advanced options. Plus, you can easily manage payroll and send automatic reminders to employees when they need to clock in, clock out or have reached overtime.

Additionally, Connecteam offers a time clock Kiosk so your employees can clock in and out from a fixed time clock station. This is best with a company device or for those who don’t own a smartphone. Each employee has their own unique pin code as well. 

Price: Pricing starts at just $29/month for up to 200 users – this means you save a ton of dough as you aren’t paying per user but instead pay a fixed monthly fee.

Free trial: There is a free 14 day trial after which you can upgrade to a premium plan (that starts at just $29/month) or can continue with a free plan.  

2. Jibble

With Jibble, your employees can clock in and out from desktop, mobile, Slack or Microsoft Teams. To curb buddy punching, you can enable the feature “Selfie” verification where employees take a selfie when clocking in and out. There are also monthly or weekly timesheets (depends on your needs) for better payroll or daily timesheets to manage employee performance reviews and productivity levels.

Price: Pricing starts at $2/active user/month.

Free Trial: There is a free 14-day free trial and requires a minimum of 5 users per month.

3. Toggl

With Toggl, in just a click, your employees can clock in or continue where they left off. If anyone forgets to clock in, the Toggl Button or Desktop Apps can easily send a reminder. If hours don’t need to be tracked in real time then you can manually enter hours or can integrate your calendar. Simply filter reports so it’s crystal clear what is being worked on and the hours that went into the task or project – download reports in an Excel, CSV or PDF format . Toggl integrates with over a hundred apps, including Trello, Slack, Xero, Asana, and more.

Price: Pricing for Toggl starts at $10/month/user.

Free Trial: Yes, there is a free 30-day trial.

4. When I Work

With When I Work, your employees can download the app on their smartphone or can use a fixed time clock terminal with a dedicated iPad or computer. Each time they clock in, their GPS time stamp is calculated as well. Plus, if an employee forgets to clock out then send them an automatic reminder. Sync the time clock with the work schedule and export payroll into platforms like QuickBooks, ADP, Gusto, Square and more. 

Price: The Basic plan charges $1.50/user a month and if you want to add attendance, that’s an extra $1.30/user every month. 

Free Trial: Currently there is no free trial however you can use the solution for free up to 75 employees.

5. TSheets

Whether or not you’re connected to WiFi or have cell coverage, your employees can still clock in and out with TSheets. Each submission also includes a GPS time stamp and with the “Who’s Working” feature, you can see in real time who is working and where. Employees can even attach photos for more detailed reporting. From the app, managers can oversee time tracking, submissions and can approve time off. 

Price: Their “Small Business” plans cost $20 base fee each month + $5 monthly fee for each user (and only goes up to 99 users).

Free Trial: Yes, there is a free 14-day trial.

Undoubtedly, accurate time tracking is crucial for both your business and your employees. Not only does it reduce costly errors but it helps boost engagement and keeps employees productive which ensures happy customers. With the right time tracking solution, you can deliver this and more. 

Photo by Sarah Shaffer on Unsplash

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