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5 top reasons why I shall sell my mobile phone in 2020!

5 top reasons why I shall sell my mobile phone in 2020!

Since mid-2019 there has been a great buzz about the new network spectrum which apparently will change the way mobile phones are used today, so deeper research was carried out to shortlist why mobile phone users should look forward to selling their mobile phones in 2020 before the older 4G mobile phones become absolute. Here are the top 10 reasons why I would sell my old mobile phones in 2020. Most of the mobile phones which are sold in the UK are shipped to other countries where they get a facial uplift and are refurbished back to higher standards and eventually find new homes. That’s how most of the older models sold off in the UK to mobile phone recycling companies are reused. But this year it seems to be much different as the mobile phone prices are about to drop dramatically and that will make it difficult for these 4G mobile phones to economically get fixed and eventually there is a danger that a lot of older mobile phones which are beyond economically repairable will head towards landfills. 

  1. After 4G was launched, all older 3G mobile phones were wiped out of the market because no one wanted to use a 3G mobile phone and within a year the demand of older models reduced and when the demand reduces, it automatically impacts negatively on the selling price.
  2. As the price drops of working mobile phones, the offer price for broken mobile phones drops automatically.
  3. Most of the mobile phones in the market other than a few 5G models launched by Samsung and Huawei are 4G mobile phone and they are incapable to benefit from 5G mobile phone spectrum.
  4. The newer 5G network is expected to facilitate newer applications which have never been witnessed before. Because when 4G is launched, we witnessed amazing new applications which wouldn’t have been possible with 3G networks. The most notable applications which came about because of 4G are Just Eat, Uber and snap chat along with Instagram. 
  5. iPhone has not launched any 5G mobile phone as of yet but it is speculated that the newer iPhone would be Apple’s first 5G mobile phone which will have a wow factor and will have only wireless charging and the iPhone will be the only mobile phone without any wired connectivity and will be the first smartphone with no way of getting connected by wire. 

Mobile phone vendors have spent billions to develop state of the art mobile phones and other technologies which will go with 5G network.  And the speculations are that the newer mobile phones will be equipped with laser beams to facilitate applications related to virtual reality and augmented reality. A lot of work has already been done but the applications were not possible without 5G network spectrum.  The most affected mobile phones are expected to be Samsung mobile phones with broken screens as they are already really expensive to get fixed and when their price will fall in 2020, they won’t get fixed, just head towards landfills causing huge damage to our environment.

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