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5 Travel Hacks for Pensioners

5 Travel Hacks for Pensioners

After working hard throughout your life, retiring means you now have time to travel as you’ve always wanted. Although your pension may supply you with plenty of money to live on, use these hacks to save money and be safer while traveling. After all, why spend your pension needlessly?

Avoid Paying Fees for Exchanging Money

When you’re traveling to another country, you’ll need to exchange your dollars for their currency to spend at shops and restaurants. Instead of paying exorbitant fees in airports or with money exchangers, use your bank card at an ATM machine in the country you’re visiting.

An ATM contains the currency of the country you’re in, and some banks only charge a low exchange rate of one to three percent to exchange your home currency for local currency. Some banks even reimburse exchange fees. Look up and use the ATMs in your bank’s network. 

Leave Your Hands Free

When you’re touring an unfamiliar city, leave your purses and wallets behind. Instead, wear fanny packs, money belts, or unisex cross body bags that you can wear under your shoulder so no one can grab it.

Keep a copy of your passport, emergency contact information, money, and mobile in it. These bags will secure your belongings while you’re busy admiring the scenery. They will also keep your hands free for snacking as you’re touring or for shopping bags.

Purchase Travel Insurance

Anything can happen while traveling, and being in an unfamiliar country if you have a medical emergency or your flight gets delayed due to inclement weather can be stressful. Reduce your stress by buying pensioner travel insurance. It covers much more than medical emergencies.

Even if you have pre-existing conditions, the emergency medical coverage may cover you if you get sick. If you’re an adventurous person, some travel policies will cover expenses for being hurt while participating in sports or more hazardous activities like scuba diving.

Book Trips as Early as Possible

Try to book flights early to save money and get the best seats. If you know you’re going to another country three months from your departure date, book your flights, tours, and accommodations at least 60 days before leaving.

Along with making sure you can get tickets, especially if it’s travel season at your destination, you may get discounts for making your travel plans early. 

Also, buy your traveler’s insurance early, so if your plans change at the last minute due to an emergency, then you’ll have coverage for cancellations.

Wear Support Stockings

When you have a long flight, wear support stockings to prevent deep vein thrombosis or DVT. These stockings come in snazzy colors and patterns if you don’t want to look old while wearing them. The socks can save your life because a blood clot could travel to your heart or brain.

Along with wearing the stockings, wear loose, comfortable clothes and try to get up and walk the aisle occasionally to keep your blood circulating. If you’re on your own, you might meet new traveling companions while preventing DVT on an airplane.

With these five travel hacks, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor without needless spending. You can also avoid pickpockets and medical complications while flying, which would ordinarily cause many people to cancel the rest of their trip.  

Travel the world and have fun without worrying.

Travel hacks for pensioners (Source: Pixabay

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