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5 Unique Jewellery Pieces Every Woman Should Own

5 Unique Jewellery Pieces Every Woman Should Own

Some women love to add glam to their outfits with a ton of accessories and jewelry. Other women, however, like to keep things simple and only use one or two pieces of jewelry at any given time, if at all. Whether you are someone who likes the sparkle of jewelry or enjoys simple yet elegant designs, there are some things you must have in your jewelry box. 

These five pieces are a must-have for anyone remotely interested in having jewelry to wear, whether to a fancy event or something casual.

Stud earrings

These earrings are probably in most women’s jewelry cases already, but just in case you do not have a pair, then they need to be on your list of things to get. To get a more unique look, you do not need to get a diamond pair. You can get different stones to match your favorite color and fit your taste in clothes. Perhaps a mystic fire topaz would tickle your fancy, this gorgeous gem shifts into all the colors of the rainbow when it is exposed to light at different angles. Making you an instant head turner when you walk into any room. Whichever stone you choose to embed into your earrings, stud earrings are a staple that you can dress up an outfit with.

Pendant necklace

Pendants come in all shapes and sizes, so they can fit everyone’s taste. Some pendants can have stones put into them to add a sparkling factor to their looks, but you can still have a unique pendant that looks pretty without having a stone set into it. Try to look for a pendant that has a thin chain so that the attention is mainly directed at the pendant, which is in the spotlight.

Simple bracelets

Bracelets are usually a hit or miss with many people. There are so many different styles of bracelets—some are very delicate while others are chunky. No matter your taste in them, they are a good addition to have in your jewelry box. If you want, you can even personalize your bracelet with your initials to add a unique touch to it.


You might not give it much thought, but having a watch is quite important. It is better to have two watches. One of these watches for casual everyday wear while the other needs to look as elegant and as lovely as any other piece in your collection of jewelry to be worn at fancy events.

Pearl string necklace

A pearl string necklace can be worn to elevate any normal look to an elegant one. Usually, pearl necklaces are in standard white, but you can get different colored pearl necklaces which will not just make you look fancy, but will also add color and personality even if they are worn without any additional jewelry.

While these are not the only pieces a woman may have in her jewelry box, they are the ones you’ll find most often, no matter the age. These pieces are never going to go out of style because believe it or not, they have been trendy for hundreds of years and are still going strong. You can add to the trendy factor by personalizing them and making them even more unique than they already are.


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