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5 Ways in Which Technology Actually Improves Your Health

5 Ways in Which Technology Actually Improves Your Health

We are all used to hearing about innumerable ways technological progress harms us. It disrupts our natural biorhythms, forces us to lead a sedentary lifestyle, drives people apart… If there is something wrong with modern society and humanity in general, you can chalk it up to technology. However, present-day luddites seem to be blissfully unaware of everything the technology did and does for them (they don’t see anything wrong with writing their blog posts using a brand-new MacBook, either). Want to know how exactly technology helps you stay fit and healthy? Read on.

The medical industry is built on tech

Before we go on to less conventional health benefits, let’s get this out of the way. The modern medical industry is built around technology: from MRI scanners to blood pressure gauges, it is everywhere. Overreliance on technology may have forced us to lead less healthy lives than we could, but it more than pays off this loss by prolonging our lives and increasing their quality. Just take a look at this list of devices and gadgets used in healthcare gathered by Forbes and say: would you like to live in the world where all these things don’t exist?

Technology gives you access to healthcare wherever you are

Telemedicine is a relatively new and, so far, a rather limited industry, but it has all the chances of becoming mainstream in the near future. It is especially promising for rural areas where access to doctors and medical facilities is limited. The idea is to build interactions between patients and doctors around telecommunication technology. Instead of going to a hospital a patient would be able to contact a doctor remotely, transfer information about his symptoms, measure the relevant factors (such as blood pressure and sugar) using his own equipment and receive a consultation with a doctor without leaving his home. In addition to being much more convenient for those living in remote areas, this approach can potentially save up to $100 per doctor visit.

Technology gives us more control over our lives and reduces stress

Yes, the tech may be breeding stress, but it can be used to battle it as well. It makes it easy to get in touch with our loved ones at any moment so that we don’t have to worry about them when we are apart from each other. It allows us to find things and information we are looking for in a matter of seconds. It helps us deal with our workload: an employee can deal with unexpected work without an extra visit to an office, a student can delegate a particularly annoying assignment to a reputed writing company, a salesman doesn’t have to visit each potential customer in person, you name it.

Technology motivates us to do more

Yes, those heavily using technology in their lives tend to be pretty sedentary, but it doesn’t have anything to do with technology per se. It isn’t technology that makes people lazy – people are born lazy, and technology simply makes it easier for them to get away with it. However, it is just as effective at motivating us to do things. From smartphone apps encouraging us to fulfill our daily goals (both in terms of sports and personal achievement) to pedometers and other similar devices, they work night and day to keep us healthy and striving to do more than we normally do.

Technology literally saves lives

From treatment options that wouldn’t be possible without long and extensive research to devices like pacemakers, the technology of the modern world does wonders to cure diseases and compensate for flaws caused by them. A pacemaker, for example, dramatically prolongs life expectancy for people suffering from heart conditions and allows them to lead almost normal lives without having to restrict their activities.


All in all, blaming technology for all the problems of today’s world is incredibly one-sided and shortsighted. Most of the perceived downsides of technology come not from the tech itself but from overreliance on it by some people and has more to deal with human nature. Compare life expectancy today and a thousand years ago and you will see that technology does much more good than harm.


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