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5 Ways To Do Frugal Travel

5 Ways To Do Frugal Travel

For some traveling is a luxury related to time and money while for some it is a necessity either due to work or due to the fact that they just cannot stay in one place. Whatever your reason is, one core belief should always overrule and that is the fact that god, nature or just the big bang theory, whichever is the reason behind our beautiful planet, did not create it so that we are born in one place and die in the same.

With such diversity in nationalities, ethnicities, cultures, languages, etc. there is just so much to explore. While we cannot suggest you on how to deal with the time constraints, as we definitely believe that if one really wants to travel, they find time to do so, no matter what, this article will certainly help you handle the monetary constraints. We aim at giving you some awesome tips and tricks, which would not only save your money but also enhance your overall experience.

So before we move further, let us classify our travels and deal with them one by one. All you need to understand is that you do not need to be rich or famous to travel in any of these three capacities. Hell yeah, even internationally!

1. Road Trips 

Road trips deal with places where you just hop in, in your car and reach your destination. It can be 30-60 minutes away or maybe a couple of states away which might take you several hours to reach.

Tip#1 Rent A Car 

Road trips are such a great way to spend some time together with family and friends. Some people think that maybe their car is not big enough or reliable enough to last for several days or several hours. What you may not have considered is the fact that it is much cheaper and advisable to rent a car in the long haul than to take yours out on the road. There are several websites which offer rental cars and a quick Google search will definitely help you just like a quick search on assignment help crops up thousands of results.

2. Stateside Travel

These trips deal with several places within your country where you just hop in, in a plane, train or even your car and are ready to go.

3. International Travel

This is self-explanatory and involves travels where you hop on a plane or a ship and visit other countries.

Ok, the following tips are common for both stateside and international travel.

Tip#2 Book Cheap Hotels With Complimentary Breakfasts

Again Google can be our savior here if used wisely. Use the specific search term, ‘Cheap Hotels in’ XYZ where XYZ needs to be replaced with the name of the place wherever you are. Now don’t be fooled by the lowest price on your screen and instead make sure you click all the way through to see that there are no hidden charges in the fine print like a parking fee or utility fee or a fee to live on the planet and breathe. Hope you get our point! As a traveller one can learn a great deal from college students who do this entire exhaustive exercise to zero down on the right provider for “do my essay for me

Which brings us to the final point. Try for a hotel that offers at least a complimentary breakfast because really there are so many which do so. A cheap breakfast even in the cheapest restaurant can cost you a significant amount if you are on a budget. A complimentary breakfast can put a lot of food in our stomach and maybe skip lunch and use that money somewhere else.

Tip#3 Book Cheap Flights

Well, really? This is your tip #3? So original, huh! We are sure that is what must be going through your mind right now. So let us elaborate a bit and you might find a hidden treasure in this seemingly unoriginal suggestion. “Did you know that the best time to book a flight ticket is 54 days before the trip?” – says Ankit who has reviewed best data science certification onlineat TrumpLearning. 

The research further pointed to the fact that the best day of the week to book a flight ticket is Tuesday as airlines put up good sale discounts on Tuesdays and take them down by Thursdays as the weekend gets near. We won’t get into the details of where to get cheap deals or which accounts to follow on social media as that is some pretty common information out there.

Tip #4 Be Wise With Transportation

People usually end up paying way more than required when it comes to transportation. Uber and other similar cab-hailing services are not the only modes of transportation available! You just need to dig around and we are sure you would find an equally good but way cheaper mode of public transport. Most of the time there are even monthly or weekly passes involved which save you even more money. In case you do end up in a cab, always insist on going by the meter wherever applicable, especially in Asian countries. If the driver denies, find the next one. Keep doing this because you will definitely find one who would agree.

And if everything else fails and you do end up in an Uber, see if you can find some coupons online. There is a difference between being cheap and being frugal and there is no shame in being frugal. Our friend who offers programming homework helpwho even helped us in writing this and earns several thousand dollars a month does these kinds of things and is always actually proud about saving money wherever she can.

Tip #5 No Harm In Considering A Travel Agent

We all feel that travel agents do nothing but fleece us by forcing us to buy things we may not even need so that they can earn hefty commissions. Well, this might be true for some but these days not all travel agents follow the same methodology. What we suggest you do is create your own layout, right from flight tickets, hotel, booking, sightseeing, meals, etc. That rough layout would give you an estimated cost. Now, call a travel agent (see if your friends can refer a good one) and listen to what price they quote based on your requirements (you don’t need to tell them about your estimate).

Think about creating a layout as an assignment, your term paper and the travel agent as assignment help, or when you might need to buy term paper, you may need one, you may not. If you find the price good enough, then, by all means, go ahead with the agent. Remember, you never have to pay some kind of fee to a travel agent for planning and booking your trip as they get commissions from hotels, restaurants, places you might visit, etc. The only time you might need to pay them something extra maybe while booking tickets as they do not get any commission from airlines, trains and other forms of transportation services.

The biggest benefit that travel agents carry is that they have a lot of connections and will surely get you a pretty sweet deal.

Bonus Tip For International Traveling

Find good international card deals which freeze the foreign exchange rate while withdrawing money from the local ATM’s. This might turn out to be a good or a bad thing depending on the exchange rate. Also, try and withdraw cash that would at least last you a week so as to save on the transaction fees which can add up pretty quickly and become an unnecessary expenditure. Andy, who is a technical blogger at Digitoolscoupons has tons of data to prove how ATM’s usage fee eats into your bank account.So these were our top 5 ways or rather 6 ways you can save money and travel as frugally as possible. If you feel we have missed a golden nugget that you might know of, or if you spot any factual and or/grammatical errors in the text then please feel free to reach out to us. Though, it is highly improbable that you would be finding the latter as we have used ProWriting Aid to eliminate such errors This ProWritingAid Review might help you in case you too need to write a lot


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