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5 Ways to Incorporate STEM Into Halloween this Year

5 Ways to Incorporate STEM Into Halloween this Year

The month of October is here, and holiday expectations are in top gear with worldwide celebrations set to unravel bit by starting end of the month until Christmas. We are talking about Halloween, an excitement that been brewing since the onset of this year and is set to explode into a myriad of activities, including the popular pumpkin picking and Halloweenshows. It is always that time everyone looks forward to, at least to commemorate the departed by wearing spooky costumes and sometimes, curving ghostly figures from pumpkins. 

Well, in spite of all preparations that may be, regarding Halloween, October 31stis not only going to be about trademark activities, but also more inventive ideas are on the way, and we cannot wait to share. This post explores how to incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) into this year’s Halloween kids celebrations. While this may have been an ongoing trend for some time now, it is also imperative to note that STEM denotes some of the most dynamic disciplines or fields of knowledge. 

Thus, while you can go ahead and incorporate old activities in this year’s preparations, it is imperative to note that innovation must and should always remain an epitome of creativity even this fall. And so, the big question is what plans do you have in place to keep kids busy too?

STEM Themed Activities for kids

The truth is, you may be hoping to try out a few STEM concepts/activities when Halloween dawns, but without viable ideas, that would remain a mirage even in the foreseeable future. Thus, taking into consideration the significance of science, exploring its many facets is possible in the classrooms of preschool goers, and even at home.  It is a STEM countdown, and with this post coming hot on the heels of high geared preparations, there is no better way to make everyone feel part of the big day.

But, before taking a nosedive into five ways to incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in Halloween this October, let’s explore a few reasons why it is an activity that goes beyond fun, to include even more important reasons why parents should start involving their children in these activities.

  • The future of STEM is undoubtedly a definition of limitless possibilities. Thus, science-themed activities this Halloween is a healthy way of involving and preparing kids for the next generation’s high standards in Science.
  • Kids love to explore science, and it doesn’t get any better with a STEM-themed Halloween.
  • An easy and inexpensive way of exploring Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 

Thus far, and in the spirit of helping kids satisfy their curiosity through exploring, discovering and experiment, here are Halloween STEM activities to check out this year even for a student looking for Edubirdie on this topic.

1.   Make Geo board using Pumpkins

Everyone may have become used to flat geo classic boards, but not until you try something different using pumpkins. It is an innovative twist from the normal yet, it brings to the fore a STEM-themed activity that will help kids love maths not only in the classroom.

2.   Pumpkin Investigation

Having stated that kids love to explore, a simple Halloween science experiment themed pumpkin investigation would not disappoint. It does not only involve an observing the behavior of pumpkins in water (sinking and floatation) but also curving out the fruits and roasting the seeds will be amount to fun time.

3.   Growing Pumpkins

STEM isn’t always about cutting-edge technologies and modernized approaches to learning. This Halloween, germinating pumpkins will also fit the bill as an engineering activity that will keep kids involved in studying soil, seeds, plants and cycle of a plant of life. It is an activity you can roll out a few weeks before 30thOctober.

4.   Creepy Franken worms 

Science is multifaceted, and in this activity where you mix vinegar and baking soda to create Frankenworms, preschoolers will be amazed by the outcome. The resulting wiggle reaction is not only creepy but also presents a delightful chemical trick that will keep everyone asking for more of chemistry-themed activities than ever before.

5.   Make ghost rockets

Another STEM activity that will delight young ones is making ghost rockets using small plastic cups or film canisters.  A reaction between Alka-Seltzer and cornstarch is the power behind the propulsion of ‘ghost rockets’ into the air. You can also try this technology themed experiment using varying quantities of reacting agents or maybe customize the rockets into speeding bats.

In a nutshell, there is a plethora of ways to make kids feel part of this year’s Halloween when you explore STEM activities in this post. And it doesn’t stop there. There are many other exciting activities you can try out such as floating ghosts or divers using plastic pipettes, pumpkin elevators, candy stem, ghostly bubbles and many others. Happy Halloween!  


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