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5 Ways to Spice Up Your Home Workout

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Home Workout

It’s only natural that your home workout would get a little stale over time. While you still enjoy the time you spend exercising, it almost seems as if you go on autopilot and don’t really think about what’s happening. There are ways to recapture some of the fun that was once part of your workouts. Try these approaches and see what happens.

Put Down the Weights and Try Yoga

Much of your workout is built around resistance training with a little cardiovascular work thrown in. Adding something that is a little different but still challenges the body and mind could be just what you need.

Consider adding an couple of hours of yoga to your week. You’ll find that high-quality yoga mats can be found online easily and will be delivered promptly. In the interim, check out some of the basic yoga exercises and positions you can use in the beginning. You’ll be surprised at how they freshen up your routine. They may even help build more muscle in some of those areas where your current effort is not accomplishing a lot.

Walk More

Go outside and walk more. You can invest in a tracker to keep tabs on how much ground you cover. Walks in the fresh air provide a great way to challenge your body even as you eliminate stress. Even something as simple as a brisk half-hour walk could leave you pumped and ready to get back home and do some work on your exercise bench or lift some weights.

Vary the Routine

Who says you have to do the same exercises in the same sequence every time? Switching things up a bit could make the time more interesting. Instead of working on your upper body first, do the exercises designed to strengthen your legs and thighs. Concentrate on your core first rather than last. Even a little variance could be enough to keep things interesting.

Buy Some New Equipment

You are happy with the performance of your current machines and accessories. Why not add something new to the arsenal. Along with a new activity tracker, consider investing in a punching bag, an over the door chin up bar, or any fitness accessory that will add something new to the workout. Many accessories are not that expensive, so you can add them without breaking the bank.

Get a Workout Buddy

Let a friend or two know what nights you work out and invite them to join in. Even if they can’t come every week, having someone there from time to time will make the time more enjoyable. You may even get the chance to teach them how to perform an exercise that it took you time to master. Along with helping yourself, you’ll be helping someone else.

Try one or two of these ideas and see what you think. It won’t take long before some of that old excitement returns and your workouts are once again time you look forward to rather than accepting as a typical element of your day.


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