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5 Ways to Use Plastic Surgery To Create a New You In Time For 2019

5 Ways to Use Plastic Surgery To Create a New You In Time For 2019

Are you looking forward to an amazing and most attractive face and figure that you can possibly ever have? With plastic surgery constantly making new strides every day, this is highly possible. There are so many therapies and treatments that you need to consider it can get really confusing.  So here are five different therapies that we consider some of the best upcoming plastic surgery trends in 2019, that you should looking into.

1. Combining Therapies to enhance Facial Rejuvenation

Facial plastic surgeons like Carolina Facial Plastics have become professionals at combining therapies which are surgical and nonsurgical to enhance how your face looks. This can involve the popular treatment of botox as well as dermal fillers to suppress wrinkles. Other facial treatments include lifting and rising of sagging tissues and resurfacing your skin using a laser to eliminate excess pigmentation. By using the perfect combo of these therapies, you can get consistent facial results. By combining therapies which are noninvasive, you will be able to take care of many signs associated with facial aging without necessarily having to undergo plastic surgery.

2. Experiencing Plastic Surgery

There are these reality shows such as Extreme Makeover’ which have left many people talking about plastic surgery and the conversation is still continuing till this day. The stigma surrounding these procedures has drastically gone down and most of the people have now become more open regarding what they want to have done or what they have had done.

This has also been shown by several celebrities who have become more open concerning the plastic surgeries and other laser treatments and the injectables that they have experienced. This has greatly proved to be a positive and a promising trend because now you don’t have to hide that you have had a facelift because it is something normal .

3. Through Injectables which have become Better and Better

With increasing growth of an array of the fillers that are based on the hyaluronic acid already available in the market and more anticipation of it, facial plastic surgeons have become highly adept to know how, where and when to make use of these particular injectables, in order to enable you to acquire natural-looking results.

Every year, there are brand new indicators and new fillers that will enhance our various options geared towards restoring the volume lost on your face. For example, the Defyne and Restylane Refyne are the two latest fillers available in the market which makes the next generation of the hyaluronic fillers. They are specially made for the expression parts, such as areas around the mouth referred to as the perioral region. When putting around this area, the filler will enhance normal facial expressions although it may prevent wrinkles and fine lines from developing. This will, therefore, create the most refreshing environment in which most of the people are looking up to.

You realize every filler comes with a different consistency that makes it so important to visit an expert with most remarkable experience. Therefore, you need to make sure that you select appropriate filler that will blend well with your face.

4. Glam-Ma’s

This is a trend which is being adopted mostly by the aging population. It has made Grandmas start to appear youthful and adorable. According to the statistics, in the last two decades, the nonsurgical and surgical procedures have increased the number of women within the age bracket of 60 to 70 years. The reason is that there is no downtime for most of the non-surgical procedures and the safety which can be associated with these procedures such as Botox and fillers have improved.

Lasers for example IPL and the devices for skin tightening such as Titan are recording good results without you having to undergo surgery. Therefore, most of the procedures of plastic surgery can be safely carried out. This guarantees you long-lasting and natural results especially if you are a middle-aged person.

5. Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is still going to be one of the top procedures in 2019. Results related to fat grafting have been improving because of the refinements on techniques of harvesting as well as being more reliable and have seen many good results with or without undergoing surgery.  So this is definitely one to keep a look out for.

With the above facial trends, I can assure you a more glamorous and attractive face. A new look you will greatly inspire your self-confidence. Therefore, visit Carolina Facial Plastics for an assured change in 2019. You will come out with a gorgeous look. Stay healthy and safe.


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