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5 Ways To Visit The Bahamas In Style

5 Ways To Visit The Bahamas In Style

Are you planning your holiday vacation now? Well, you might want to try the Bahamas this time around. The Bahamas could honestly be one of the most favorite Caribbean travel destinations for your next trip. Traveling right from the islands of Bimini to Nassau to stay at the Atlantis resort is a really great treat. Here are the five ways you could get to this newfound paradise in style. 

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Dress for the weather 

1.) Sun Hats 

The Bahamas gets quite hot and you will need a hat. Having a big brimmed hat for the pool is a plus. Choosing a hat that goes well with your bikini and still matches your other outfits will go a long way. Men, a nice looking fedora would definitely turn the ladies in your way. This is also picking up a trend hat to the ladies. 

2.) Sunglasses don’t just block light from your eyes. When worn in the right way they complement and tell a story about your personality. Pay attention to what you choose. 

3.) Dresses 

Rompers: Having a short romper is comfortable, chic and saves some space in the suitcase. A romper set is also a great idea for hanging out in the resorts. Floral print will blend perfectly with the tropical climate in the Bahamas. Matching a pair of loose pants gives a nice holiday look 

Maxi dress: This will never go wrong. If you plan something more of night dinner or partying out being dressier is the way to go. This is a safe option in respecting the local’s culture. If maxi is not your sense of style definitely a midi dress can still give you a Bahamas cruise experience with a touch of class during the day and night. 

Feeling like having a bikini cover-up, a kaftan definitely works. This works as both a stylish and practical bikini cover. Bright and bold color dresses are a trend for the day to look out for when shopping. Gladiator sandals complete the maxi dress look, giving that effortless look. The shoes are the perfect accessories and picking one that keeps your look together works for your good. 

4.) Bikinis 

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High waisted 

These are perfect in providing more coverage and having you look your best by the pool. The Bahamas being a sunny destination having a bold colored bikini are just perfect for the days in the sun. Don’t forget to pack your favorite sunscreen and lip protector. Choose a cream that smells great to leave you feeling fresh.

A black crop top for matching alongside a colorful bikini is great for a versatile look. Having a dry bag for your wet bikinis to avoid soaking your clothes is essential. Choose a bag that is sand proof and water resistant. 

5.) Camera 

Having a camera and spare batteries would go a long way in recording your memories. A visit to the park is just complete when we have photos to remind us of the unforgettable experience. With the rich Bahamian history, you can get a copy through your camera. 

Pink sandy shores, underwater diving, windsurfing and the wide range of flavors is a truly Bahamian like. Experiencing these fully needs the right kind of style to keep you always on the go. Night or days turn up looking fabulous stylish and effortlessly beautiful.


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