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6 Benefits of Having a Saltwater Pool

6 Benefits of Having a Saltwater Pool

When you’re looking into a pool one of the options that shocks people is saltwater pools. They’re not going to smell like seawater, of course, they actually keep the salinity level below the amount that most people will be able to taste it. They do have some surprising benefits that many people aren’t aware of, so let’s step in and we’ll show you why they’re gaining popularity across the nation.

1. They Smell Better

Can’t stand the chlorine smell in your normal pool?

If so, then a saltwater pool may be right for you. They work by separating the salt contained in the water to create their own chlorine, as opposed to it being added directly to the water column. So, they maintain a lower level of chlorine while still killing off the germs contained within.

The end result for the pool’s owner? They have far less of that chlorine smell.

2. You Don’t Have to Handle Dangerous Chemicals

Most responsible pool owners don’t have trouble handling the chlorine and other noxious chemicals required to maintain a sterile environment in the water.

Accidents do happen, however, even to the most careful among us. You can bypass the issue entirely by going with a saltwater pool. If you’re accident-prone it may be a good idea, as accidents with chlorine or muriatic acid are no joke.

You’ll still need to manage some parts of the system with dangerous chemicals but any reduction in having to tote around things that can cause harm is a win in our book.

3. It’s More Skin-Friendly

Chlorine and other caustic chemicals can cause problems for people with sensitive skin. It can cause dry skin and even rashes for some people. If you, or a loved one, fall into that category then you’ll be pleased to know that a saltwater pool can usually bypass it.

The water’s feel in a saltwater pool is usually described as “softer” than the high-chlorine environment created in a normal pool. It’s one of those things which has to be felt to be believed.

Because of the lower chlorine, you can also avoid red-eyes after a long time in the pool. That one happens even to those of us without sensitive skin and it can be a real bummer to emerge with puffy, red eyes after a long day of fun.

Not to mention the other problems associated with chlorine like dried out sinuses. It’s simply easier on the body, which is a big concern for many people.

4. Less Overall Maintenance

You’ll be able to perform less maintenance with a saltwater pool. The salinity is the primary thing that needs to be watched since the system uses salt to create the disinfectant, so you won’t need to be constantly tweaking the level of chlorine in the water.

It also means the system can run for longer without requiring maintenance. If you go on vacation and don’t call the pool guy first, then you won’t come back to a complete disaster. You’ll still need other chemicals to inhibit algae growth.

But, let’s face it, however: the bulk of ordinary maintenance in a pool comes in the form of constantly having to adjust chlorine levels.

They’re not maintenance-free, but you don’t need to spend nearly as much time working on them as a normal pool.

5. They’re Smart Pool Friendly

If you have a smart pool system then you’ll be glad to know that you can use a saltwater pool system alongside it. Because of the variables involved, you can adjust lights, chlorine levels, and anything else running in the system without being there.

That’s a big win, especially for those who are a bit anal about water chemistry.

The ability to integrate into modern systems is a huge bonus, and being able to do more while you’re away is a big deal for those who are frequently on the road.

6. Cost Efficiency

Saltwater pools cost more to set up in the first place but over time you’ll end up saving money in most circumstances. Chlorine adds up quickly as the months go on and a standard pool constantly needs more of it.

On the other hand, saltwater pool generators only require you to change out the cell every three to five years, reducing the cost-over-time of running the system.

The point is, if you’re willing to shell out more upfront then you can save big in the long run. That’s no small thing, especially if you’re installing the pool in the home. In that case, it can even be a major investment.

Making the Decision

If you’re looking into a saltwater pool system for your home, then you’ll want to know about the benefits. These systems create a great pool which requires less maintenance and cost less over time. It’s often a win for the homeowner but the end decision is up to you. Now that you know the benefits, what choice are you going to make?


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