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6 Careers in Game-Making That Could Be For You

6 Careers in Game-Making That Could Be For You

So, you love gaming and you’re interested in making it more than just a hobby, but where should you start? If you’re serious about taking a step towards a career in the gaming industry there are multiple paths that you could consider. To help you decide which route could suit you, here are 6 vital roles required for creating incredible video games. Match your skills to those below to find out which position is the best for you. It may not be long before you’re behind the latest first-person shooter title or designing exciting slot games for House of Fun.


Think of the game designer as the initial brains behind the game concept. Designers are responsible for coming up with original ideas and working out how they can be used in a way to produce exciting and intriguing gameplay. It’s also vital that game designers are constantly aware of technological developments so a passion for innovation and a desire to constantly come up with new ideas is a key aspect of the role.


A scriptwriter’s position is absolutely pivotal in the production of a good video game as the script is what creates that immersive and unforgettable experience. A scriptwriter is required to come up with a killer storyline that will have players hooked, as well as believable dialogue between different characters. Being a scriptwriter is a great career for anyone with a vivid imagination and first-class storytelling abilities.


One of the most creative roles in the entire video game-making process belongs to the animator or artist. They are responsible for bringing characters to life. Being an animator is a vital role considering that many players probably won’t enjoy a game if they don’t enjoy interacting with the characters on offer. They often work hand in hand with the scriptwriter to produce entirely immersive and attractive gameplay experiences.


In short, programmers are responsible for physically making the game so without them, the entire process would be impossible. Programmers implement all the levels and sections into the game itself. Essentially, they take everything the scriptwriter, designer and animator have worked on and turn it in to a fully functioning video game. Becoming a programmer requires a fair amount of training and practice so high levels of dedication and passion are essential if you’re to consider it as a potential career.


This is a great role for anyone who considers themselves to be extremely organized as the producer is responsible for overseeing the video game’s development. They help to manage each essential part of the video game’s journey and ensure each contributor is working to schedule and to budget. The producer is the person who helps map the entire game from concept to creation and makes sure it gets there.

QA Tester

A quality assurance tester (known informally as a video game tester) also requires high levels of dedication and passion for the role. While the idea of playing your favorite game for hours on end sounds like great fun, the work can often be incredibly repetitive and isn’t necessarily very well paid. To make it as a QA tester your communication skills and concentration levels must be second to none in order to provide valuable feedback to programmers and maintain extremely high levels of attention to detail.



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