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6 Common Office Health Risks and How to Avoid Them

6 Common Office Health Risks and How to Avoid Them

Every adult needs to work to be able to earn a livelihood but what if your job is starting to cause health issues?

Most people working a desk job have a sedentary lifestyle which causes health hazards hence we basically cannot blame the job itself, but the choices people make towards their health is the reason why they face health issues.

We have listed down a few common office health risks and how to avoid them.

1. Headache:

Headaches are quite common with office workers due to stress, sitting for long hours, dehydration, working in front of the desktop, etc. 

Popping medicines for headache is not going to be a permanent solution. You need to maintain proper posture, relax and keep yourself hydrated in order to avoid such headaches at work

2. Back, Shoulder & Neck Pain

A sedentary job demands sitting at a desk 8 hours a day. If your posture is not right, then you may easily develop back, neck or shoulder pain.

Most adults suffer from these conditions once in their lifetime and it can easily be avoided by using an ergonomically designed chair. Do not sit at one place for long hours. Take breaks and stretch at work to keep your body flexible and increase the blood flow.

It can be difficult to avoid these conditions at times when the workload is too high. If you are facing back, shoulder or neck pain, we suggest you visit a therapist at TRi Physical Therapy to get rid of the pain.

3. Eye Strain:

How can we forget the most common health issues many offices workers face? Eye strain happens due to prolonged hours of gazing at the desktop or laptop. While watching the screen, people forget to blink and that causes eye dryness and strain.

Give your eyes some rest every 15 minutes. Look here and there, do not stare at the screen for hours and do not forget to bink.

4. Dehydration:

Many office workers are so busy working that they forget to sip water. They are sitting in one place, so they don’t feel thirsty moreover the offices are air-conditioned nowadays so it is easy to forget to keep yourself hydrated.

Not drinking water can further cause headaches and fatigue hence keep sipping water throughout. Put a water alarm on your phone if required but do remember to keep yourself hydrated.

5. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

People who use too much of their hands and wrists especially working on computers complain of this syndrome where you feel itching and numbing sensations near your wrist area due to swollen ligaments. Keep stretching your hands and wrists at work in between to avoid this syndrome.

6. Weight Gain:

People who work in an office often get carried away by their work and the stress leads them to overeat. That is why you will see many people who have desk jobs facing health issues such as obesity or high blood pressure. 

If you have a sedentary job, make it a point to take a break and walk around after every half an hour to one hour. Get a sit-stand desk if you feel like being more active at work. Increased activity will improve your concentration and productivity as well.

A healthy employee can concentrate better, and work more productively hence make sure your company policies are in favor of creating a healthy work environment for your overall wellbeing.

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