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6 Companies to Dominate Construction in 2019

6 Companies to Dominate Construction in 2019

The construction industry has made its mark in the world. Through the years, construction firms have defied the odds and were able to build structures that were once thought too impossible to create. It also continues to innovate to bring better solutions to an increasingly demanding world. And better things are still coming for the construction industry as these top companies are poised to bring bigger advancements to the table:

China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd.

If there’s one company dominating construction today, it has to be China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd. In last year’s Constructional Global report, the company was named the biggest contractor in the world with over $160 billion in revenues—and for good reason. CSCEC boasts an impressive portfolio of A-list projects covering almost every spectrum of construction including hotels, apartments, bridges and shopping centers.

It also has a global clientele, which spans from Algiers to New York, and more companies are looking to hire CSCEC for its reputation of using the best construction methods in finishing its projects.

LEG Immobilien AG

Forbes namedLEG Immobilien AG as the largest real estate developer in Germany with an impressive portfolio that range from rural housing complexes to urban apartments, all using the best methods and materials like the products from Dynatect. The company had a net value of $958 million last year and its revenue has steadily increased by 4.26% over the last few years. Next year, LEG Immobilien AG is poised to conquer not only Germany’s construction industry but Europe’s market scene as well.


Perhaps one of the most well-known names in the construction industry, Bechtel has been around for 120 years and has completed 25,000 projects in 160 countries around the world. The San Francisco-based firm was also named top contractor by the Engineering News Record for 2017. Some of Bechtel’s most recognized projects include the 100-kilometer Elizabeth rail line in England, the GBP480 million project for the London City Airport, the Enery Facility in Carroll County in Ohio, the $1 billion NSC Chernobyl Shelter and Confinement in Ukraine to seal off the radioactive material from the accident and of course, the Sydney Metro that is considered the biggest public transportation project in Australia. With a list of projects under its belt with a delivery timeline next year, 2019 will definitely see more of what Bechtel has to offer. And after more than a century in construction, the company is showing no signs of stopping any time soon.


Paris-based Unibail-Rodamco took over Westfield Corporation in 2017 forming Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield. But before the merger, Unibail-Rodamco has already dominated the construction industry in Europe being named the biggest real estate developer in the continent for 2017 by Construction Global.

The company is best known for its high precision works in all of its projects and it has quite a huge portfolio that consists of 13 office buildings, 60 shopping centers and 10 convention centers. Unibail-Rodamco’s numbers are also quite impressive: $51.91 billion in asset portfolio, $2.34 billion in net sales and $2.75 billion in bottom line. And with the new merger, the future is definitely looking bright for Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield as it continues to dominate the European market with projects that will cover almost every city in the continent.


There is good reason London-based TechnipFMC is considered one of the biggest construction companies in the world today. It may be based in Europe, but the company has operations in the Middle East, America, Africa, and Asia Pacific giving it a net worth of over $13 billion. It also has over 44,000 employees worldwide and boasts of a list of projects under its belt including the construction of India’s largest hydrogen generation unit.

CPB Contractors Pty.

Capping off the list is Australia’s number one contractor. CPB Contractors Pty. has projects that include hospitals, buildings, roads, healthcare centers and defense facilities around the country. One of its most recent ventures I the $400-million construction of the Metro Tunnel commissioned by the Victorian Government. It is also a construction partner of CIMIC as part of the Rail Infrastructure Alliance, which had a budget of $1 billion.

With these companies set to dominate construction in 2019, we can only look forward to more impressive infrastructures that will set new records and benefit people from all over the globe.

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