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6 Creative Ideas To Add Color to Your Home Decor

6 Creative Ideas To Add Color to Your Home Decor

The Walls and Floors

Walls in a room tend to have as much colour variation as the rainbow spectrum does colour. The sky is truly the limit on how you can express yourself with wall colours and wallpaper designs. Flooring, much like the walls of a room, is one of the first areas that people think of when they think of room design. an annoying carpet stain on your otherwise impeccable carpet, then it can make a room look less than ideal. 

Carpets are a great choice for those who know that they can keep them clean and stain-free.  Where you walk can give texture to a room, as much as it can color. Most people tend to choose more neutral colors for their flooring and leave the shock value up to the decor. You will get a much different feeling from a room with wood flooring versus a room with carpets.

Wise Furniture Selections

Selecting just the right furniture to go with your colour scheme is an art form. The sofa beds are an excellent solution for those who live in studios or who tend to have guests over from time to time. You can customize your basic sofa or sofa bed in such a way that it will be able to add to the feel of a room. If a sofa looks out of place, it can break up the design of a room in such a way that it looks out of place. 

People can be picky with their sofa, armchair, and other furniture choices for this very reason. Most people tend to like to match all wood types together, in order to give a room a cohesive colour scheme, as well. It is usually not in good taste to have four or five different types of woods in the same room unless they are complementary in their hues. Otherwise, it may make a room appear too busy or even tacky.

All About the Details

When you have a room filled with gorgeously crafted furniture, accessorizing is something that should not be overlooked. It’s true what they say about less is more, in most cases. However, a room that has no decor at all leaves a very open and blank canvas. If you’re not careful with how minimalist you go in a room in your home, it can end up looking too empty and boring to the eye. 

Accent Pieces

An accent piece is different than a room accessory, such as a bright red rug or a certain set that you bought specifically to match your carpet. Accent pieces are things like foliage or cute decor tidbits that really bring together the overall theme that you are going for. Things like an abstract statue that you place in the corners of your bedroom or the giant ship in a jug that you placed as a centrepiece on your living room coffee table are all things that fit into this category of design. 

What these tiny things can let you do is add some flair to a room’s colour scheme by matching them to the main colours you have already laid out in your grand design. Even if you do not feel you will have the time to keep real foliage alive, you can still add some gorgeous greens to your room using fake foliage pieces. These ones are sure to never wilt, no matter what season it is.

Add up accessories

Unless you are trying for a minimalist look for a purpose, it is best to take advantage of all of the lovely accessories that can make the colour of your room truly pop. Throws, pillows, curtains, and rugs are all examples of accessories that can be added to any room. The littlest things that you add to your room build-up to something grand.


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