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6 Dietary Guidelines For Good Health in the Elderly

6 Dietary Guidelines For Good Health in the Elderly

Your golden days should be treasured and enjoyed in every possible way. However, your golden and wisdom filled age comes with its downsides. Your health deteriorates and you will find that you are unable to do simple chores or even care for your body. You will therefore need help around the house especially when your children are away at work.

A good diet will help your body fight diseases and will give you the necessary energy to get you through the tough days. The following dietary guideline will help you in your old age:

  1. Consumption of fewer calories

Most starches and carbohydrate rich foods have more calories that are unhealthy in old age. Consumption of more proteins and fewer calories (carbs) is recommended so as to reduce the risk of type II diabetes and heart diseases.

Obesity and being overweight are two main issues that’s should be prevented in seniors. You should note that this doesn’t mean that you must stop eating carbohydrates. The best way of managing the weight would be eating less than one normally eats but adding a little extra serving of healthy proteins.

  1. Fruits and vegetables

Whether you are a senior or a young man in your youth, fruits and vegetables are very important. The fruits and vegetables help with digestion and they also provide a healthy and a reliable source of vitamins and minerals. Home health shouldn’t be a tough job because you can stick to an old budget of groceries shopping but then, have more fruits and vegetables.

  1. Hydration

The elderly person being taken care of should be well hydrated. The sense of thirst diminishes with age. Therefore, as a caregiver, you should remind the elderly in your care to take as much water as possible. Dehydration could be fatal in seniors.

Fresh juices can replace water. However, intake of carbonated and caffeinated drinks should be limited.

  1. Low fat dairy products

When providing elderly care, it is important to provide a source of calcium and vitamin D. These are important components of the bones. Given the high number of reported bone issues like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, these dietary components are very important.

The best source of the essential mineral and vitamin is dairy products. Low fat dairy products are preferable for weight management.

  1. Good fats

Most elderly persons have heart problems. Arteries and the heart should be kept as safe as possible. Bad fats should be avoided as much as possible to avoid bad cholesterol in blood that result in plagues and clots in the arteries. These could lead to stroke and high blood pressure.

  1. Reduced salt intake

Too much salt has been linked to high blood pressure that could lead to heart complications or stroke. Minimal use of salt is therefore recommended when cooking or eating.

Prepacked and processed foods have more salt and should be avoided. It is recommended to use herbs, pepper, or lemon juice in place of salt.

In conclusion, care for the elderly is rewarding though there will be tough days. These dietary measures will help reduce doctor visits and will keep the elderly person healthy for long. Simple exercises like walking should be incorporated as well for general fitness.

Author Bio

Janet Chestnut is a nutritionist working with the elderly in Houston. She helps to supervise home health of the elderly through door to door visits. Contact her for checkup or general diet planning.


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