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6 DIY Plumbing Tips For New Homeowners

6 DIY Plumbing Tips For New Homeowners

When you buy a new house, you’ll have to take care of every small issue by yourself. You can’t run to your landlords to get everything fixed anymore. And it’s always best to learn easy DIY tricks and fix things on your own. 

But it’s also useful to have a plumber’s number handy just in case you’re not able to fix the problem. So, are you ready to get this little plumbing experiment started?

We’ve mentioned 6 DIY plumbing tips for you below which hopefully will help you solve minor plumbing issues by yourself.

  1. Keep Your Plumbing Kit At Arm’s Length 

It’s always best to keep some basic plumbing tools at your disposal so you don’t have to call in professionals every time for minor issues. You should keep them at a place that’s easily accessible in cases of emergencies. 

This plumbing kit should at least include a plunger, pliers, plumber tape and a set of hex keys. These tools can even be used for other purposes like tightening small nuts and bolts, so it’s a good investment to make.

2. Locate Main Water And Gas Valve, and Learn To Turn Them Off 

It’s always essential for new homeowners to locate and know how to turn off the main water and gas valves.

The very first thing you have to do, in cases of water or gas leakage, is to turn the main switch off before you fix it. If you find these pipes rotten or there is a leak, you can either DIY or get professional help.

3. Keep Your Drains Clean 

You should not let hair, soap, debris or oils run down your drains. These can clog the drains and create a problem. 

In case your drains get clogged, then use a plunger and pull out all the debris to unclog it. If you’re not able to unclog drains, it’s best to call a professional for the drain cleaning emergencies. You can also use a combination of vinegar and dish liquid to clean your drains and use hot water to flush everything out.

4. Clean Your Kitchen Sink Regularly 

If you don’t want to face any clogging issue in your kitchen, it’s best to keep your sinks clean. Please don’t let small food particles run down your sink. 

For regular cleaning, you can open the sink from bottom and put a bucket under the sink to clean it out without making your floor dirty.

5. Learn Some Faucet And Toilet Maintenance Hacks

Don’t be afraid to change or repair parts inside your toilet. Sometimes the toilet’s flapper or faucet’s cartridge gets worn out, and new ones only cost you a few bucks and have clear installing instructions. 

So if you’re facing a leaking toilet or faucet issue, try your hands on changing the flapper or cartridge instead of paying a professional for only removing a screw or two.

If your flush is causing trouble, you can simply use a bucket of water to flush down your toilet for an instant hack until you fix the issue.

6. Fix Your Pipes And Showerheads Using Thread Tape Or Duct Tape

Thread tape is a common plumbing tape replacement, it’s suggested that you go for a thicker tape for better gripping.

If any of your pipes or showers are dripping, you can unscrew them and apply a new tape in clockwise direction. You would want to apply it for 3-4 rounds for better results. Now reattach your pipe or showerhead back and you’re done.

For small leaks in your pipes, you can also use good quality duct tape which will work just as fine.

We hope these tips might help new homeowners with their minor plumbing issues, as a last resort you can rely on skilled professionals.

But it’s always good to try and save some bucks wherever you can right? 


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