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6 Essential Supplements Every Athlete Should Use



Athletes are on a constant quest for perfection, and while some will have no problem taking shortcuts, others are trying to use the recent advancements in sports science to their advantage and use supplementation to help them reach their objectives. When used properly, supplements can help athletes reach their next plateau, and improve their results without resorting to illegal, and potentially dangerous, performance-enhancingdrugs. With proper supplementation, an athlete can reach their objectives, and prevent risking their personal health in the process. Here are some of the top supplements every athlete should add to their diet.

Omega 3’s

Since the many benefits of Omega 3’s have been discovered, they’ve become one of the most popular supplements on the market. While their benefits for brain function are already well known, Omega 3’s can assist with things like cardiovascular function and health, improving your lipid profiles, and they also have great anti-inflammatory properties, which is essential for proper recovery.

B Vitamins

B vitamins have tons of properties that can benefit you as an athlete. For one, B vitamins are known for their energy boosting properties. In addition to their action on energy production, they’re also great for detoxification and can have positive effects on your mood as well. And if you have to constantly undergo heavy workouts; B vitamins will also help with recovery.


Magnesium is probably one of the most important supplements for athletes since it’s so essential to our vital functions. And many athletes are likely to have a deficiency as well. According to a recent study, a whopping 80% of all Americans are likely to have a magnesium deficiency. And this number might be even higher among athletes.

Magnesium is absolutely essential for athletes for many reasons. Magnesium can help regulate heart rhythm and blood pressure, and it also allows musclesto relax and contract properly.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is something that is very common for people living in Western countries, and the general public is more and more aware of the dangers of vitamin D deficiency. But while it’s known as a vitamin, it’s actually a hormone that can be produced by your body naturally through sunlight exposure. Vitamin D is very difficult to get from a natural diet, so if you don’t get enough sun exposure, chances are you’ll have to resort to supplementation.

Vitamin D is a mood regulator. It will help improve your upper respiratory health, and will also assist with recovery by improving sleep quality.


While it remains an obscure supplement for many, L-carnitine has been used by high-performance athletes for years, especially bodybuilders or any athlete that needsto build lean muscle mass fast.

But one of the main areas where L-carnitine can be extremely beneficial for athletes is muscle recovery. Several research studies have shown the benefits of L-carnitine for recovery by reducing muscle damage during intense exercise. It also has been shown to have great cognitive enhancement properties, which can also improve focus.

However, not all L-carnitine is the same and you should be careful when choosing suppliers. Companies like Allergy Researchhave been in the business for years and are known for their dedication to quality. Allergy Research also has a wide selection of performance enhancing supplements that can be used in conjunction with L-carnitine, like alpha-lipoic acid for instance. So, don’t be afraid to browse through their selection and find the right set of supplements for your particular needs.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 might not be as well-known as other supplements, but itsmany benefits for athletes should not be overlooked. One of the many advantages Coenzyme Q10 has for athletes is its effects on lactic acid. Excessive lactic acid is what causes muscle fatigue, and by helping your muscles get rid of it more easily, Coenzyme Q10 could increase your endurance and overall performance.

But one of the most important reasons why every athlete should add Coenzyme Q10 to their diet is its effects on cardiovascular health. There have been a large number of long-distancerunners lately who have passed due to heart complications, and these have been attributed to years and years of scarring through training. Many of these athletes have also been diagnosed with a deficiency of Coenzyme Q10. This is why athletes should closely monitor their Coenzyme Q10 consumption and look for supplementation. Coenzyme Q10 can be found in oil form and can easily be integrated as part of your routine. However, make sure that you do not use it with fish oil since it might hinder proper absorption of the nutrient.

All these supplements will not only allow you to perform better but will contribute to your overall well-being as well. Make sure that you consider adding these to your everyday routine if you want to enjoy all of their benefits.

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Michael Jordan Selects Montclair NJ’s Vanguard Theater



Passing Strange Amanda Ross Gross spotlights photography
Montclair, NJ’s Vanguard Theater, was hand selected to receive Michael Jordan (Yes, that Michael Jordan) and Jordan Brand’s Community Grant Program, an initiative of its Black Community Commitment (BCC), created in 2020.
Grants were awarded to 48 grassroots, non-profit organizations that are driving action and leading sustainable solutions to improve Black lives in their neighborhoods. Vanguard Theater, with a local connection to the initiative’s four key focus areas of economic justice, education, narrative change, and social justice was the only recipient in New Jersey – and one of only two theater companies

“We believe that these community organizations aren’t just local changemakers, but that they are dreamers, makers of generational bonds, and neighborhood leaders with an authentic understanding of how together they can create transformative change,” –  Craig Williams, Jordan Brand President 

The Vanguard is currently producing the Tony Award-Winning Black American musical, Passing Strange (which closes 3/5). They will invest funds from the grant to support and nurture original and new works that inspire audiences to think critically about existing social and cultural narratives, through their New Works Festival: Illuminating New Voices (running May 19-23).
“This funding will help us immensely in our continued efforts to mentor and amplify marginalized voices in all areas of the theater industry, including: writers, producers, composers, performers, directors, choreographers, and managers.” – Janeece Freeman-Clark
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Swingers Nomad Where Indoor Mini Golf, Food and Fun Are in Abundance



Tucked beneath the streets of New York City, be transported to a world of verdant, undulating crazy golf courses, a 1920s English golf clubhouse, cocktail bars and gourmet street food vendors. Head to 35 West 29th Street and Swingers Nomad. This impressive venue sits across 23,000 square feet with 20-foot-high ceilings and boasts three nine-hole crazy-golf courses, four gourmet street food brands including Sauce Pizzeria, Miznon, Fonda, andMah Ze Dahr Bakery, six cocktail bars, a host of private rooms and an opulent clubhouse in addition to numerous booths and seating areas throughout the venue.

Tickets cost $22 per person during off-peak times (all day Monday and Tuesday-Thursday before 5pm) and $26 per person during peak times (Tuesday – Thursday after 5pm and all day Friday – Sunday) for one round of crazy golf.

You can also purchase food and drink packages starting from $53 per person. Crazy golf isn’t compulsory, you can join us for street food and cocktails with no entry fee.

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5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Basketball Game




Basketball might be a sport with a simple concept behind it, but you need the right skills and equipment to make your mark in a game.

The good news is that there are some quick and relatively easy ways to improve your basketball game. For starters, having the right footwear is very important. You can buy basketball shoes online in Australia, for instance, that will give you the sort of comfort and grip you need to play a great game every time.

Let’s look at some of the quick steps you can take to up your game.

Good ball control is a top priority

One of the most essential basketball skills you need to continue working on and developing is ball control.

The bottom line is that if you have excellent dribbling skills you will have the tools in your locker to become a consistently good basketball player.

A fundamental aspect of good ball-handling control is balance. Practice by working the ball around your body while maintaining a static, but athletic position. As your dribbling skills and overall ball control improves through practice you will be able to shoot and move with greater ease and become a better all-around player.

Get up to speed

Match speed is a different pace from when you are practicing. Work on doing your practice sessions at game speed and you will find that you gain vital seconds on the court that you make count with a killer pass or shot at the hoop.

Get fitter

Practicing and playing a sport like basketball will enable you to get to a certain level of basic fitness. However, if you can work on improving your general physical fitness and core strength it should allow you to become a better basketball player as a result.

Work on your hand alignment

If you want to enjoy a greater level of consistency with your shooting the secret to that success involves improving your hand positioning.

When you achieve the correct hand alignment on the ball it will give you better control through your release. It will also give you a stronger grip and improved spin options.

Aim to always hold the ball with your finger pads and take plenty of practice shots so that you can get used to the centered feel that gives you ultimate control of the ball.

You need solid mechanics

If you watch enough professional basketball games you will soon notice that a common theme is that every great shooter enjoys solid mechanics.

Every good shot that you make is achieved through excellent lower-body mechanics. It is the foundation stone of being a top basketball player.

Start by pointing your toes in the same direction, aligning them with the rim. Once you get the feel of the right positional setup, every other aspect of your body mechanics will start to fall into place.

With the correct foot positioning and lower body alignment, you will start to feel that you have more control and become a more dangerous opponent on the court.

Work on these top tips and you can take your basketball game to a new level.

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