6 Great Careers That You Can Study for At Home

6 Great Careers That You Can Study for At Home

Many people dream of a career change. Perhaps they’ve gone as far as they can go in their current role, or they may be bored and want to do something completely different. However, lots of people find themselves in a tricky situation. They need to work to pay the bills, so they can’t commit to going back to college. Luckily, studying from home is becoming a more popular option, which allows you to fit in your studies with a full or part time job or caring responsibilities. Here are some careers that allow you to study from the comfort of your own home.

Tech careers

Many tech jobs are remote, with workers based across the world, so it makes sense that you study from home too. For example, you can do an MS Applied Statistics at home, which will allow you to work in data science, statistics, analytics and much more. If you have excellent math and analytical skills, then there are many careers in tech that have a skills shortage, so you can find many well-paid positions out there once you have the right qualifications.

Business administration

It makes sense for mature students to study business administration in one form or another, as many of them already have experience in the workplace or sought-after soft skills such as communication and teamwork. This is why the average age of an online MBA student is 33, so will have a completely different mindset and way of working to those who have just left high school. While going back to study when you are older is tough, those with work experience are likely to find an MBA or online business degree a little easier, as they can use real-world examples when doing their projects.

MBAs are changing, and there are now a number of specialized courses for different areas such as healthcare, finance, and marketing, so you can pick an area where you already have experience if you wish. 

Project management

Project managers lead teams, problem solve and deal with time management, so when you do this kind of qualification, you gain skills that are suitable for all sorts of industries. This kind of role can be found in all sorts of industries, from tech to construction, so you could either work in your current industry or opt for a complete career change.

Project management degrees can be found online, but make sure that the one you choose is from a reputable university. On graduation, you may be able to achieve a good salary in this area, with salaries expected to rise in this in-demand profession. 

Video game design

If you’re a keen gamer and always like to express your opinion on how games are designed, then why not give it a try yourself? While it’s a highly competitive field, demand for video game designers is forecast to rise in the next few years, so it could be a lucrative area of study. This kind of online degree requires you to learn many different skills such as 2D and 3D design, animation, storyline development and more, so you have to really love games to take it on and be willing to learn lots of new skills. However, it can lead to a fun and rewarding career if you see it through.


Engineering graduates are highly in demand, and the potential salaries, once you have a few years of experience, can be very generous. Best of all, engineering can be an interesting career, especially if you love math and physics, as there are many different types of engineering in which you can specialize. Engineering is also a great career for those who want to travel and potentially work overseas, as there is a shortage of engineers in many different countries, so you never know where you might end up.


If you already work in a setting with young people, such as a school, daycare or in social work, then you can do a degree in education in your spare time. This could help you further your career and specialize in a different area of education, or just get your career to the next level. Certain areas, such as Special Education, are highly in demand, so they tend to command higher salaries. Although it can be a challenging area of study and the work can be tough, if you really love it, then it’s about as rewarding as a career can get. 

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