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6 Home Cleaning and Organization Hacks

6 Home Cleaning and Organization Hacks

Day to day life can make cleaning and organizing difficult to maintain. You end up working all week just to spend your weekends cleaning your home instead of relaxing.

Utilize some of these helpful cleaning and organizing hacks to help you maintain during the week so that you can get back to relaxing during the weekend.

1. Functionalize your Coffee Table

Your coffee table is a great landing zone for drinks, snacks, magazines and sometimes toys. However, if you have a nice coffee table it can be the focal point of your living room. This is why you will want to keep it clutter-free when you are not enjoying it.

To make cleanup and organizing easier, you should opt to make your coffee table a more storage savvy location. If it has cubby areas or storage solutions already built in like drawers or a cabinet door area then that can help jumpstart your organizing.

If your have a simple coffee table then you can stylishly add a wicker basket for holding magazines or toys. Another option is color matching bins that can blend into the color scheme of the living room or coffee table that will give you storage without sticking out like a sore thumb.

2. Invest in a Quick Cleaner

To help keep your entryway neat and tidy, you invest in a small cheap vacuum that fits easily into a closet by the front door. This lightweight option makes localized cleaning to your high traffic areas a much more simplified task.

Also it is easier to grab, plug in and use a simple stick vacuum without having to pull out your heavy duty one which is most likely much heavier and awkward to get in and out on a daily or multiple times a day basis.

This gives you an easy clean up option to keep the foot traffic debris down. It will also keep you from having to drag your large vacuum back and forth across  the house for a small daily cleanup.

3. Make your Own Cleaning Products

Become the master of your own cleaning when you opt to make your own cleaning products. While this can sound like a large undertaking, it is actually a really easy thing to do and only takes a few simple products.


White vinegar is a must have in your home, whether you use it for cooking, cleaning or preserving. This multi use cleaning product is great because it’s high acidity content is able to break up tough stains or power through grime to make your cleaning a much easier task.

Baking Soda

This is also a great staple to keep around. Baking soda is magnificent at neutralizing odors. You can use it alone sitting or sprinkled in a high odor area or mix it with white vinegar to create a reactive cleaning agent that can tackle stubborn messes.

A basic vinegar cleaner will be useful for multiple areas, from furniture to your bathroom surfaces.

4. Expand your Bathroom Storage

Bathrooms are notoriously known for being too small and having a lack of storage. Even some of the larger bathrooms can lack the ability to be able to hold all of your bobbles and bits.

The best way to add storage without taking up floor space is to strategically add shelves to your bathroom. Depending on the wall space that you have, you can opt for smaller simple shelves or create a more rustic feel with a wooden cubby hole that can help you better organize brushes, products and even makeup.

If you aren’t feeling the shelf design then you can instead hang wire baskets or a wire magazine holder for slim storage. Putting some effort into expanding and improving your bathroom will pay you back in dividends, though.

5. Use Simple Items to Organize your Closet

You can purchase and use predesigned closet organizers to help you cut down on clutter and give your clothes their proper place. You can also up-cycle some of these items to give your closet an organizing boost.

Magazine Holders

Use one or two of these vertical storage bins to hold your small purses and clutches. It is great for keeping these more flimsy bags together. If you have a choice, opt for clear or see through holders so that you can see your options when getting ready.

Shower Rings

These simple rings are perfect for organizing multiple wardrobe staples in your closet. Make sure that you have shower rings that are able to be closed completely so that your items don’t fall off the hook. You can easily hang belts, scarves and simple tank tops from your clothes racks with this hack.

No matter what you elect to use, organizing your closet is a quick win – it will help to organize your entire life (not just your clothing). It was also help preserve your clothing and help it last longer.

6. Make your Own Reusable Disinfecting Wipes

Disinfecting your surfaces, especially in the kitchen is an important cleaning step that you can’t skip. However, sometimes disinfecting wipes can be too thin, too costly or  just feel like an overall waste due to their single use lifespan.

Making your own disinfecting wipes is will save you money and also give you a more durable surface wiping product.

  • Use simple washcloths as your base for the wipes. Depending on the size you will want to use you can keep them large or cut them in half or into quarters.
  • Place the washcloths (don’t bother folding and making them look nice) into a large widemouthed mason jar.
  • Mix 3 cups of water, 3/4ths a cup of rubbing alcohol, 6 tbsp of Dawn, and 10 drops of Lemon Essential Oil.
  • Pour the mix over the washcloths and seal the jar. When you need a disinfecting wipe just reach in and pull one out. You can toss these used wipes into the washing machine to get them clean for the next disinfecting batch.

Making your own wipes is not only cheaper, but it also allows you to control what you are using. Simple cleaning ingredients that you can pronounce and feel safe using in your household.

When you have a more organized home, cleaning up becomes easier because each item has it’s own place. When you also take steps to simplify your routine cleaning with easier to use products then you can take some of the hassle out of keeping a clean home and add more time into enjoying it.

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