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6 Reasons to love Beef Meat as Part of Comfort Food

6 Reasons to love Beef Meat as Part of Comfort Food

The business involved and the amount of comfort food sold in a day is evident enough that people love comfort food. Besides, as part of this comfort food meat is a must-have no matter the form of cooking used. However, unless you are a vegetarian you cannot deny the fact that eating beef or any other meat in your choice of comfort food is effing amazing. These foods are perfect solutions to a long stressful day. When the urge for a juicy burger and the fragrant of a seared steak is all you are thinking of. Nowadays, there are many options for beef-related comfort foods and most people are loving it. In this article, you will learn reasons as to why beef meat is part of most comfort foods.

  1. It is filling 

What makes a rich and juicy beef meal make you feel so good? This is one question most comfort food fanatics cannot provide a direct answer to but still indulge in these savory meals. As a high protein food the beef meat is filling and the body takes longer to digest it. Hence the reason you feel fuller for longer. Also, did you know that the sugars found in the carbohydrates are used up faster compared to the amino acids contained in the beef? Since they have to pass through the liver before your body gets the benefit. This is the nature of amino acids since they are building blocks for protein. Hence, eating beef as an ingredient used in the ultimate American comfort food makes you satisfied in no time.

  • It has many recipes

When you think of beef and the recipes that you are familiar with. There are a lot of meals that you can spruce up from this piece of meat. Whether it is part of a healthy dinner, a snack, or quick comfort food like burgers. It is rare to repeat the same meal unless it is your favorite. Some studies show individuals in their 20s that eat less meat in a week and exercise less tend to feel mentally stressed. Here, the reason is due to the lack of serotonin that soothes and dopamine that is made from tyrosine and tryptophan that are amino acids found in meat. Therefore, check various recipes online and forms to cook your meat and enjoy it even more.

  • There is a personal relationship 

Interestingly, beef meat is associated a lot with how you grew up. Since this is true, even dieticians respect the connection one has with meat from an early age as they advise on your meal plan. Similarly, others say that the reason it is part of your everyday meals is since you miss your mother’s food especially meatballs. Therefore, either the reason everyone loves this is because cavemen did or it reminds you of comforting times you had with family members. It affects appetite and it is delicious too. On the other hand, the food behaviors and cues established easily create your relationship with meat for the future. Besides, they give you a feeling of happiness, comfort, and excitement just as you would while eating with loved ones.

  • It is nutritious

Not only is it delicious but beef is in simple terms a one-stop nutritional meal. It has all the essential amino acids that you need in your body to rebuild and build cells in your body. Plus, many other nutrients that are good for the body as well. The vitamin B12 in the meat is a nutrient that provides you with lasting energy. There are other vitamins present too and minerals that are useful to your body. They are easily absorbed into your system and are bioavailable as well. However, even when you are a strict vegetarian you can still get all essential amino acids from your plant-based meals as well. It is a win-win for everyone.

  • It feeds your brain

It turns out, there is some legit scientific proof that meat goes to your head or rather in feeding your brain. The amino acids that are protein building blocks may help in creating muscle and also balance neurotransmitters in the brain. As these neurotransmitters when imbalanced can create a lot of problems like anxiety, stress, and depression. Therefore, you must include beef in your diet either as a snack or a main meal as it protects the neurotransmitter imbalances. As a result, it is possible to avoid the related issues mentioned earlier.

  • There is enough of the good stuff

Just like a good relationship, good food should love you back by the nutrients it adds to your body. However, with the many kinds of beef recipes that you can copy. Most of them spoil the benefits that are in the meat due to the nasty stuff and excessive saturated fats that are in processed foods. This also is the part of comfort foods that everyone is attracted to due to its meaty taste. Hence, it is good to consider if these foods love you back as you do before overindulging in them. Avoid listening to too much information in concern with the positives and negatives of having to eat meat and make a personal choice on how you would love to have it. Also, the right kind of lean meat will treat you right if you take it in moderation.

Given the above reasons to love beef meat as part of comfort foods. It is quite obvious why everyone has a certain type that they crave for after a long day at work or on a lazy Sunday. Although there is no guide as it is a matter of choice. There is more to the desire of feeling like a carnivorous and wanting to go caveman style to what beef meat has to offer. Go for your favorite beef recipe and enjoy it in the form you like whether it’s a snack at home or a quick burger at a fast-food store.

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