6 Signs You Need to Schedule an Eye Exam

6 Signs You Need to Schedule an Eye Exam

One of the earliest signs that you may require glasses is the inability to read an actual sign. However, there are several other clues that can help reveal that your observation powers are fading. Over half of the world’s population needs vision correction, and 80 percent of visual impairment is avoidable or correctable.

Fortunately, the key to identifying the clues is not a mystery. All you need to do is understand the symptoms. Below are six signs that signal you need to schedule an eye exam.

Night Vision Changes

Can you clearly see other cars on the road and read the road signs while driving at night? Moreover, if you can no longer see your dog in your yard at night, your vision is not as it should be. For many adults, the first sign of poor eyesight is the changing vision, especially at night.

Other signs of poor night vision include seeing halos around lights and inability to distinguish objects such as telephone poles. If you are experiencing any of these night vision problems, it’s time you schedule an appointment with a local optometrist.

Sensitivity to Light

Strong sensitivity to light that suddenly appears might be a symptom of corneal abrasion, an eye infection or even a central nervous system disorder such as meningitis. It is important that you have the sensitivity accessed by an optometrist to get to the cause. Possible solutions include prescription glasses or contact lenses, like those found at Lens World.

Frequent Headaches

Sometimes, the mechanisms that help your eye lens and cornea focus on an image fail, and small muscles have to work harder. The result is eye strain, which leads to headaches. In other words, whenever you squint, it may cause headaches, and you may need prescription glasses or contact lenses.

In addition, migraines will likely see you experience vision obstructions like spots and auras, before, during and after an episode. While the vision obstructions are harmless, they may be symptoms of underlying conditions that are contributing to migraines and affecting your eyes.

Health Conditions

Your general health has an effect on the way your eyes function and feel, including everything from your sleep habits to nutrition. Conditions like thyroid conditions, diabetes, lupus and others can affect your eyes, making it important to carry out meticulous eye care. While undergoing a vision test, discuss your diagnosis.

Frequent Vision Disruptions

Vision disruptions can also occur without experiencing an accompanying migraine. In addition to the black spots and auras mentioned above, you may notice tiny floaters whenever you move eyes across the light.

If the obstructions occur suddenly, you should get in touch with an eye doctor immediately. The disruptions may be a result of some serious issues like retinal holes or retinal detachment.

Recurrent Eye Fatigue or Strain

Eye fatigue and strain may occur due to several reasons, including spending a huge amount of time reading or in front of a computer screen. On the other hand, if discomfort is persistent for three or more days, the eye strain might be due to an eye condition or infection. Eye fatigue results in blurry vision or regular squinting in an effort to bring items into focus.

It is advised that you take regular breaks or change lighting intensity to reduce glare. In addition, drink at least eight glasses of water a day to avoid eye fatigue and strain. If the fatigue persists, see an optometrist as soon as possible.

Even without experiencing the symptoms above, always prioritize your vision testing at least every two years or the frequency recommended by an optometrist. Frequent testing may be recommended due to family history of conditions like glaucoma and diabetes.

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