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6 Tips on Keeping Your Baby Safe

6 Tips on Keeping Your Baby Safe

We all love our children and want the best for them and want to keep them from pain, particularly from the pain of a senseless accident that could have been prevented.  To that aim, I haveseveral safety tips you should consider to keep your child safe.  These include those you you can apply when travellingin a car, airplane or just hanging around home. If you love swimming, there are also some safety tips here you need to apply so that you can enjoy your time when at the swimming pool.

So without waiting any longer, here are some of mytips to keep your child safe from my experience:

  1. Watch kids without distractions when around the swimming pool

If your kids have not yet mastered the art of swimming, then you need to beextra vigilant when around the swimming pool. Ensure the children are in the kiddy poolsectionto avoid cases where they may end up drowning or incurring accidents. Make it 100% clear to yourchildren the importance ofstayingsafe while they are in the swimming pool and not going to the adult section. If you will also be swimming as well, ensure you have someone who can switch off with you keeping eye on the kids. Also be sure to get safety equipmentsuch as swimming floaters foryour kids to wear when in the swimming poolso they can have a good time and be safe at the same time.

  1. Update your travel medical kit

To make your travel time with your kids safe; you need to include all the necessary medications which your children mayrequire on the road. Always ensure the drugs you include in yourkit are safe for children and not expired as travel kits tend to be neglected. When travelling so many different things can happen, so it is necessary to ensure you are fully prepared so that you can deal with any emergency which can come up when travelling with kids. This could includeallergy medication, bandages, eye drops and more.

  1. Consult your pediatrician if you leave the country

The kids should be well prepared for international travels. For example, you may be travelling to foreign countries where certain disease outbreaks are common. In order to keep your children safe, it is necessary to ensure they have been immunized before you travel out of the country and also have backup medicines available in case they get sick anyway. Your pediatrician can recommend the correct prescriptions depending on where you are traveling.

  1. Buy an  infant car seat

Make sure you have the right car seats.  You wouldn’t believe how many times I have seen this so it bears repeating.  Your normal car seats will not fit your infants. There are many different types of infant car seats available;you will easily know how to use them after you read a car seat safety guide. But be sure not to use a regular car seat for your newborn.

  1. Keep watch of the baby when is left on the bed

For the safety of your baby, you should always keep watch of the baby when he is on the bed or any other area where he can fall. Even if they can’t roll over yet.  They may learn right as you turn your back to get the diapers you forgot in the other room.  The baby should  also never be left inastroller unattended even if you feel like the stroller is stable. There are cases where a baby has moved or crawled out of astroller whichgets the stroller going down a hill all by itself!

  1. Instruct the daycare service providers to call you immediately your child behaves sick

To avoid cases where the child can be administered drugs which can expose her to more health complications, you should explain to the day care service providers about any allergies or other health conditions that yourchild has and let them call you if they seesomething unusual. It is necessary to ensure your phone is on andyou can be easily reached after you leave the child at baby care service providersso that you can be consulted in case of any emergency.

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