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6 Types of Above Ground Pools To Consider

6 Types of Above Ground Pools To Consider

6 Types of Above Ground Pools To Consider

Above ground pools are gaining more and more popularity in the market due to ease of installation and affordable costs. These pools are a one-time affordable investment that can easily last for several years. Today, you can find different types of above ground pools in the market. Choosing the right one according to your requirements is overwhelming for someone who has no experience in choosing pools before. This small guide will help you identify the different types of best above ground pools in the market.

Classification of Pools Based on their Make

Resin Pool: Anti-Corrosive Pool

Features:The resin pool is a lightweight pool made from resin-like materials. They are durable and strong, but not as much as the metallic pools. They usually last anywhere between 2 to 10 years depending on the duration and frequency of usage.

Advantages:The resin pool is relatively lightweight. It can be moved around the backyard with a little effort. One can easily empty it and move it across the backyard with a forklift. A few resin poolscome with a circular ring type attachment at the bottom of the structure. One can easily put bolts through this attachment to fix it to the ground.

Disadvantages:The resin pool is not as strong as the metallic pools. It is prone to holes and failures. However, one can seal the holes with professional help. Since the resin is waterproof, one can easily apply it over a fracture and seal the hole to prevent water leakage.

Steel Pool: Extremely Durable and Permanent

Features: The steel pool is the most durable pool on this list. As the name suggests, it is mainly made from strong steel materials. These pools easily last for 5 to 15 years depending on the frequency of maintenance and care.

Advantages: Steel pools are durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. You can dive into these pools without worrying about damaging the casing. The steel pools can hold large amounts of water and easily fit anywhere between 5 to 20 people. The larger steel pools are made from thicker steel components. If you are going to choose a steel pool, choose one from a reliable manufacturer.

Disadvantages: Steel pools are usually fixed firmly to the ground with the help of bolts and screws. One cannot move it around the backyard as easily as the resin pool.

Hybrid Pool: Mix of Resin and Steel Pool

Features: The hybrid pool tries to combine the best features of the resin and the steel pools. It picks the durability and strength of the steel pool and the portability of the resin pool. Just like resin pool, you can move the hybrid pool around with a little help. However, the hybrid pools are slightly heavier than the steel pool, so you do need heavy machinery to do so.

Advantages:The hybrid pool is strong and can easily last over a decade with correct maintenance. It does not develop fractures easily. Even under high load fracture conditions, one can use welding and resin mix to plug holes.

Disadvantages: The hybrid pools are slightly costlier than the steel pools and last for a smaller duration. If moving the pool around in the backyard is not on your priority list, you can choose a steel pool over a hybrid one.

Aluminium Pool: Durable and Lightweight but Costly

Features: Just like the steel pool, the aluminium pool is strong and durable. It can last well beyond the lifespan of a conventional steel pool due to its anti-corrosive nature.

Advantages: The aluminium pool is lightweight and durable. Just like the resin pool, you can move it around the backyard. The pool usually does not fracture under high load. Instead, it buckles and deforms under load to accommodate the pressure.

Disadvantages: The main problem with the aluminium pool is that it is extremely costly. In fact, it is the costliest type of pool on this list.

Classification of Pools Based on their Structure and Shape

Ring Pool: Extremely Affordable

Features: The ring pool is affordable and durable. Ring pools look great in open spaces due to their ring-shaped design. A few ring pools have a slightly broader base and a narrower top giving them a pot-like appearance. This shape allows the pool to adjust under high-pressure environments.

Advantages: The ring pools are usually available in innovative and funky design schemes. They are the best fit for kids since it has no sharp corners that can hurt them.

Disadvantages: The ring pools are not as durable as the frame pools.

Frame Pool: Strong and Permanent but Costly

Features: The frame pools are extremely durable since they have an extra frame-like structure to support the weight of the water and the occupants of the pool. The backbone of the frame pool is usually made from metallic components like steel and aluminium bars.

Advantages: The frame pools are strong and can easily last for several years to come. They are almost as good as the below ground pools in terms of their durability. These pools look great in a compact backyard scenario since you can put them against the fence or the side of the house. You can attach multiple gizmos and diving boards across the frame pool since the frame design can easily take up their load as well.

Disadvantages: Frame pools are generally costlier than the ring pools due to their costly metallic components. These strong pools have a boxy but rigid appearance.

Take the following factors into account while choosing an above ground pool.

  • Durability
  • Frequency of Use
  • Ease of Installation
  • Portability

Once you have all these factors listed out, you will be in a better position to choose a pool that fits your budget and requirements. Clean the pool a few times every year and install automatic cleaning equipment to minimize the maintenance efforts. Cover the pool when you are not using it for an extended period. A good above ground pool can easily last for several years if you maintain it properly.


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