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6 Unique Things You Can Do This Christmas

6 Unique Things You Can Do This Christmas

Christmas is the most celebrated holiday in the world. It’s a time for giving and sharing whilst spending time with family and friends. As families come to together to reminisce on the year that has passed, celebrations over the years start to get monotonous and at times dreadful. Ideas are needed to spice up the Christmas cheer and help create new memories for past, present, and future generations to cherish and remember. With the closure of businesses and schools for the holidays, there is plenty of time to make new traditions.

Christmas Letter 

You can take a spin on a treat from Santa by writing a personalized letter from Santa UK to your children and family members. Children will adore the personalization of the letter which can include their names, unique traits, and affirmations that will make their Christmas special. What makes a letter from Santa even more exciting for the children is that they can write back and receive a response from Santa which forms a budding friendship.

Lantern Lighting

Christmas night is a beautiful and nostalgic experience that brings families and loved ones together. As people reminisce on the birth of Christ, why not reminisce and celebrate those who have passed on which is a way to include their memories into your Christmas. You can purchase Chinese lanterns and communicate by writing them letters the old-fashioned way. The twist here is that you aren’t sending the letter through a postal process, but by using the Chinese lanterns. You place the letters inside and light the lanterns before you release them into the night. 

Outdoor Cinema

Create an outdoor cinema in your backyard, terrace, or balcony. Any space that is dry, dark and sheltered can work. You can decorate the space by placing fairy lights. You will have to invest in a projector or rent one to connect it to a video source. A makeshift cinema screen can be made using a white sheet or wall, or you can rent an inflatable screen. 

The movie content can be anything from a family favourite film, edited home videos, or personalized interviews. The point is to spend family time in ways that are bank account friendly while enjoying the experience a cinema that is specifically designed for your family. 

Treasure Hunt

You can start your own Christmas treasure hunt tradition. This is a great way to lead loved ones to their presents whilst also extending the unwrapping presents time which usually goes by in a breeze. You will have to create clues in a scavenger hunt through riddles and tasks. 

Treasure hunts assist in less shredding of paper and promote more quality time with loved ones. Tips on a planning a successful treasure hunt includes planning your route, scouting out locations, lots of planning time, contingency plans, and addition of random rewards to keep things going.

Themed Party 

Your classic annual Christmas parties and dinners can easily become tedious over the years. 

Take a new twist to tradition by celebrating with interesting and unique themes. Instead of the usual Christmas lunch or dinner, what about hosting a different menu from the norm through Christmas brunch in nature. Other themes to consider are campfire night, wreath-making party, holiday talent show, Christmas pyjama party, characters of Christmas night, or a ladies’ night. Dressing up is fun way to pay homage to the holiday season and complement a host’s efforts in giving you a memorable Christmas.

Christmas Competition

You can get creative and come up with competitions that your family and friends will enjoy. For example, a ‘who bakes it best’ can be a competition where different people bake a Christmas cake and are rated by an audience. The winner can be awarded a gift and there-after there will be plenty of cake to enjoy. There are endless competitions that can turn into a Christmas family tradition.

With some slight adjustments, your regular Christmas can become a holiday phenomenon. Embrace the festive season and add your traditions along the way. The birth of Jesus commemorations, Santa Claus, and snow will always reign supreme in the festive season but if you look close enough you can discover new and unique takes that are personal to you and your loved ones. You can get creative by writing a letter, lighting lanterns, enjoying a makeshift outdoor cinema, staging a treasure hunt and hosting a themed party. Whatever you decide to do, just take joy in the opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. 

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