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6 Ways Appointment Setters Can Help Your Company Reach Sales Targets

6 Ways Appointment Setters Can Help Your Company Reach Sales Targets

In order for a company to function at the top of its game, each respective department has to have people with a certain set of skills. Your sales department has a role to play in generating new business and bringing in more prospects. 

Typically a sales department has an internal team. The internal team sources these potential prospects by using search engines to find their contact details. Using the details they will contact prospects to offer your services and products. If it’s successful they will set up an appointment between the sales rep and the prospect.  

Sales reps will follow through with the appointment to bring in new business. This method is the most effective when sourcing as many prospects as possible to reach sales targets. An appointment setter needs top quality skills and software to source, manage & schedule meetings with potential prospects. 

So how can appointment setters help your company bring in more sales? Here are 6 ways they can assist your company’s growth 

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1. Correct Prospect Sourcing

A company has unique services and products they offer. This means you have to source prospects that are in need of these products and services. You can’t make appointments with an interior design company if you’re in the auto industry. 

Appointment setters know the importance of sourcing the correct prospects so they don’t waste time in bringing in sales for your company. They know how to reach the target market for your industry. 

Sourcing the correct prospects gives sales representatives have a higher chance of bringing in new business.     

2. Focusing on Goals

Your company needs to generate enough cash flow in order for it to stay in business. To bring in more cash so your company can grow you need to set a monthly target for each sales team. 

But for the sales team to be effective they need strong appointment setters to make as many calls as they can to reach a target. It’s said that top appointment setters generate 52 meetings from 100 contacts. 

So appointment setters have to reach a target of how many calls they can make a day to reach this goal. On average, an appointment setter can make at least 10 calls per hour but this all depends on how much engagement is made when talking about what your brand can offer the prospect. 

To reach goals on cold calling, appointment setters generate a list of leading prospects. They use premium software to schedule appointments and mark successful tasks on the list. 

3. Confirmation Made Easy

Once a successful call has been made appointment setters use software to confirm the date and time of the meeting with the prospect. This can be done using your company’s branding so the prospects know exactly who they’re dealing with. 

This is also an excellent feature if you want consistent visual reports on the number of daily schedules made. Appointment setters can share this information with the sales reps to provide clarity that a meeting has been scheduled successfully. 

4. Integrated Calendars

Each sales representative has existing clients and potential clients to tend to on a daily basis. To keep these meetings organised, appointment setters always mark the time and date a rep will be scheduled for visit. This is to ensure there are never any double bookings on the day. 

The sales representative will have confidence knowing that each visit is scheduled at a specified time and date. This way a sales rep will never miss an opportunity to bring in new business. 

5. Develop a Positive Relationship with Prospects

A positive view of your brand is extremely important to your company. You wouldn’t want rude people dealing with prospects as this can give your company a negative image. Appointment setters are extremely friendly and knowledgeable about your brand. They will treat your customers with the utmost respect and ensure they have all the information they need on what you have to offer. 

Building a rapport with prospects is essential as it will give clients confidence that you’re a reputable business. This will make prospects want to use your products and services regularly. 

6. Recorded Data on Calls and Appointments

As mentioned before visual data is important to keep on record. Keeping an organised record of calls and appointments gives you clarity of how well the appointment setters are working. It’s also a way to check back to schedules to avoid calling unsuccessful prospects again and double-booking appointments. 

Being a busy company you may find it difficult to keep an organised and controlled environment. That’s why you need a team of experts to ensure your company runs like clockwork at all times. 

Use appointment setters so you can have peace of mind knowing your sales department will always bring in new business and generate strong cash flow for your company. 


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