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6 Ways to Attract App Users to Your App

6 Ways to Attract App Users to Your App

Once your business has created an app, you will need customers to start using it to capture that essential return on investment and generate interest in your products or services. Get creative and follow these tips on how to make your app more visible and valuable. 

With a website, getting customers to find it through search and some basic promotion is a simple task. Everyone is happy to visit a website that may be of use. With an app, you are asking people to take time out of their day, and storage out of their smartphone plus some screen real estate to download it. 

These few extra steps create resistance, and prospects or customers with a busy schedule can easily overlook any invitation or marketing. However, as more businesses focus their efforts on mobile marketing, mobile apps and content, the old website is slowly being replaced in the eyes of engaged customers as the wayto do business.  

The latest Statista data highlights $462 billion in-app revenue this year with download growth up from 178 billion in 2017 to an estimated 258 billion in 2022. While the most popular apps remain social media and entertainment based, every business needs an app to capture some of that activity in your market or area of expertise. If you don’t your rivals certainly will, and when you do have an app it needs to be a key focal point for your marketing and promotion efforts. 

1 Let the App Do the Work

Not every effort to promote the app needs to be manual labour. As with your website, ensure before launch that the app description is packed with leading keywords and vital information so that searches will bring it to the top when people are looking for relevant apps. Use app metric services to see how similar or rival apps are doing, and learn from their success. 

Also, checkout rivals or leading apps to see examples of their icon design, choice of screenshots on the app store page and how they present their app to get some idea of best practices. That tiny app icon can have a huge influence on people downloading the app, and the number of times they open it, so spend plenty of attention on this small but significant detail. 

2 The Big Launch

Launching an app should be considered on a par with any new service or product launch. It affects the whole business, can be a great value contributor to the company and is not something to be pushed out the door quietly. 

Ensure the app has a key feature or element that is worth shouting about, make waves through the usual channels including press releases, pieces in local or specialist trade press and a heavy promotional effort on social media. Encourage customers to download the app with a voucher or discount, or with a free gift for the first x-hundred users. If you have nothing concrete to sell, provide exciting information or data about your market to encourage downloads. 

3 Make Downloading Simple

People can find any excuse not to do something in the digital realm, so reduce the effort required to download an app to a minimum. Provide QR codes in-store or on your premises/vehicles, ensure all social media posts have the direct app link for Android/iOS and push the app with every post, invoice and business card you give out. 

4 Go Multilingual for Broader Reach

If your product or services have a global reach then offer multi-language support in the app to encourage foreign visitors and customers. Highlight this feature in the app description and SEO, and remember to run social media posts in those native languages to encourage interest. 

5 Create an App Guide Video

The power of video to attract younger customers or partners should never be underestimated, so many use video search first as a way to find information and solutions to their problems. Creating a guide or tutorial for your app can help encourage people to download and, if part of your business is problem solving or service-based, an app provides the natural segue into showing the customer next steps or advanced information to encourage them to stick with it. 

6 Breed Loyalty Through the App with Coupons and Great Marketing

A growing number of apps feature loyalty stamp cards, mobile coupons or other offers to build loyalty and encourage regular app usage and visits. They aren’t just for coffee shops and can be applied to many lines of business with a little thought. 

You should also build a marketing plan for the life of the app to provide continued interest and value for users. This can include promoting it on suitable business forums, getting sponsored or promoted posts, and answering customer questions in other discussions that link back to your app. Also, add new features to the app from time to time to renew interest and base updates on user feedback to give customers what they want. 

Any or all of these ideas can help get your app off to a great start and create a path to growth along with your business. Can your company survive without an app? Yes, for now, but as most business becomes digitally-focused, apps will become the key way to grow new sales and drive customer loyalty, leaving those without them floundering in the future. 

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