6 Ways To Get More Followers On Spotify

6 Ways To Get More Followers On Spotify

Being famous on Spotify is one of the most game-changing milestones you can achieve as a recording artist. It represents a massive opportunity to get more notoriety and even become a superstar.

Of course, the first thing you need to make it big on Spotify is a stellar album or podcast. Once you have that, here are some of the best ways to grow your following on the platform.

1. Purchase Followers

Did you even know it’s possible to buy Spotify followers? It may not seem like the most glamorous strategy, but purchasing followers from a legitimate seller can boost you when you’re just starting out. People are more likely to take notice of your new release if you already seem like you’re generating interest.

2. Share Links

Right now, there are plenty of ways you can share your Spotify links through different channels. Leave as many links as possible without being spammy, not only on your emails but especially on your social media channels, to reach as many people as possible. You can even share the links to your Spotify account through Instagram Stories.

Another easy way of sharing these links is by using Spotify’s QR codes. Try it out during your next performance!

3. Create Your Own Playlist

As everyone knows, having many followers is the key to achieving long-term success on any social media network. That’s why it’s so important to attract them and keep them.

If you’re a musician, an efficient way of making this happen is by creating your own identity as an artist and making one or several playlists. Fill this playlist with a combination of your songs and those from other artists that match the emotion you want to manifest.

4. Claim Your “Spotify for Artists” Profile

“Spotify for Artists” offers many benefits to your artist profile that will help you get a lot of followers. As happens on Twitter, you will receive that blue “verified” checkmark. People tend to take those who have the famous checkmark on their profile more seriously.

After receiving your checkmark, you’ll have plenty of advantages that you should exploit. For example, you’ll be able to fully customize the profile with images, tour dates, a bio, and much more.

5. Save Your Music

Considering that it’s pretty unusual for people to delete music from their Spotify collections, saving your music will benefit you. After all, getting your music saved in their collections will increase your possibilities of beating the algorithm since you’ll be featured not only in users’ “Recently Played” collections but also on “Songs” and even “Artists.”

What’s even better is that if Spotify listeners return to some of your songs in their collections for repeat plays, you could even show up in users’ “Discover Weekly,” “Release Radar,” and “Your Daily Mix.” This exposure is crucial since these playlists often generate billions of streams.

6. Restrict Access

A good strategy for every artist on Spotify is to restrict access to some types of content from their fans. Typically, the only way to unlock this content is by following your social media account, whether Spotify, Twitter, or Instagram. Once your fans take that step, they’ll have access to the content, which could be a new song or radio show episode.

You can also use your Spotify promotion to direct people to platforms like Patreon, where fans can pledge monthly amounts to support you in creating new music.

While getting a lot of followers on Spotify is not the easiest thing in the world, it’s more achievable for many people than creating a gorgeous album or compelling podcast. The six methods outlined above can help simplify the process and attract excited listeners who want to hear more of what you have to offer.


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