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6 Ways To Get Your Coffee Fix

6 Ways To Get Your Coffee Fix

For all those caffeine-lovers out there, the only thing that rivals that first cup of coffee in the morning is the next cup. And the next one. Coffee wakes us up and gives us that extra energy boost we need for a long day. However, coffee can be as versatile as it is delicious, and there are loads of other interesting ways to get your coffee fix. Here are 6 great ways to take your indulgence to a whole new level.

Brew the best

A good coffee making machine or plunger is an essential investment for anyone in need of a real, strong coffee fix – sometimes instant coffee just doesn’t cut it. The quality of your coffee really depends on how you maintain your coffee maker, so it is important to change your filters regularly. Learn how to change a water filter in a Keurig, one of the most popular and easy-to-use coffee machines available. There are countless blends available, and preparing them just right can perfect your coffee fix.

Make coffee ice cubes

Summer days don’t always work with hot drinks. Freezing your filtered coffee into ice blocks is an easy way to make your own iced coffee. This way, you can experiment with your favourite blends and always have the option for a cold caffeine-kick on those hot summer days. Combine the coffee with milk before freezing, and either crush the ice cubes or simply pop them into your drink – the choice is yours. You can also try recipes for cold brew coffee, or even invest in a cold brew coffee maker if you prefer a cooler fix.

Try coffee flavoured foods

Of course, you can do way more with coffee than drink it. There are tons of exciting recipes out there for coffee flavoured foods that you can experiment with: your coffee fix can be found in chocolate bars, ice cream, desserts, and even meat marinades! For those on the go, check out the health section of your favourite store for caffeinated snack bars and other coffee-infused foods. These foods can be an easy and delicious alternative for those who are in need of a quick pick-me-up.

Experiment with decaf

While a healthy caffeine kick can be great, drinking coffee too late in the day can often lead to problems sleeping. Finding the right brand and blend of decaffeinated coffee to drink in the evenings can give you that great taste you’re craving while ensuring that your body knows it’s time for bed. Decaffeinated coffee granules can be used in your recipes, too, so your coffee fix doesn’t always have to be a caffeine kick.

Combine your coffee and beauty fixes

Your coffee fix doesn’t have to stop at food and drink. As well as being delicious, coffee is also a great antioxidant and exfoliator for your skin. Adding coffee to your face care routine can do wonders for skin brightening and tightening – try DIY face mask recipes or source out products that use coffee as an ingredient. Coffee is also considered helpful in stimulating hair growth and overall health. Try rinsing your washed hair with cold coffee followed by water – this can enhance texture, colour, and shine.

Fragrance your fix

The smell of coffee can be just as enticing as a cup itself – in fact, it can even help to wake you up. For those who enjoy the aroma of coffee, you can make your living space part of your daily coffee fix. Placing a lit scented tea light in a cup of your favourite coffee beans will fill your room with the scent and keep you surrounded by the rich, stimulating smell all day long. You can also reuse old coffee grounds as a deodoriser in your refrigerator.

As if all this wasn’t enough, coffee also poses a lot of physical health benefits like boosting your metabolism, improving your physical and mental performance, and even protecting you from some diseases. Of course, too much caffeine (and added sugar) can lead to sleep deprivation and a decreased appetite – so remember, everything in moderation. Otherwise, keep these different and delicious ways to get your coffee fix in mind for the next time you’re in need of a good, strong caffeine kick.

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