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6 Ways to Search for a Long Lost Friend on the Internet

6 Ways to Search for a Long Lost Friend on the Internet

Have you ever wondered what might have happened to that one friend who you were best friends with before but eventually lost touch with? Or just looking to reconnect with that one person you met at a party once and hit it off – but before you could exchange numbers, something got in the way? These things happen and most of the time, it can leave us frustrated with unanswered questions.

It’s only natural that you would want to find an old, long-lost friend or even search up your former “frenemy” – heck even want to see what’s going on with your “once upon a time” foe from your old high school. The thing is, as we move on in life, we tend to reflect back on things and remember our friends with whom we have lost touch with. Therefore, we start to search for them by sorting through their old phonebooks and directories.

However, sometimes that just does not work out. Either these people have shifted or have changed their contact details. The point is, you don’t know how to contact them or search for them. But that’s where we come in!

Finding Your Friends on the Internet

The internet is a powerful tool at our disposal. With just a few clicks, we are connected to the whole world virtually. And this is a major advantage in case someone is searching for a long lost friend. Today, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn has allowed us to search and connect with old family members and friends very easily. However, not everyone uses these platforms, therefore, finding them can be a bit difficult – not impossible though.

So if you are in search of someone, here are some tips on how you can go about it. Keep in mind though that not all of these methods might work for you. However, it’s a good starting point towards finding that long lost friend.

  1. Gather information as much as you can
    First things first, you need to information about the person you are looking for. This means that any information you could remember about that person can help. This includes their name (obviously), number, date of birth, last address, school/college information or even any relatives that you remember them having. The more information that you have, the better your search would be and the more chances you would have of finding the one you are looking for.
  2. Take help from search engines
    Search engines such as Google are a powerful tool that you can and should utilize if you are searching for someone. We suggest searching their name alone at first to see what results you come up. Of course any other information that you feed in to the search engines can help in narrowing down the results, thereby increasing your chances of locating this person.
  3. Finding someone through a picture
    Did you know that you could find your friend using a picture you have of them? Google’s reverse image search allows you to search for someone using their picture. It’s a great option to look in to if you have limited information and just an old to remember that person by.
  4. Connect through social media networks
    Social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn are a great way to look for an old acquaintance or friend. Facebook has over 2 billion users and has the people search option. So the chances of finding that person is greater compared to other social networks.
  5. Search groups can help
    If you are unable to find your friend on social media, consider searching for different groups that might be related to something that your friend or family member used to enjoy doing. For example, searching for a friend in a former school group can help connect you with other mutual friends who may be able to give you information about your friend.
  6. Contact mutual friends
    Of course if everything fails, you can just ask around. Not everyone feels comfortable sharing their personal information online, therefore reaching out to common friends can also help. We suggest calling up or emailing an old, mutual friend and see if they can help you out.

Although it can be a tedious and often frustrating task, finding someone on the internet, however, once you manage to do so the feeling is pretty amazing. Being able to reconnect with an old friend or even a family member can not only take you down the memory lane but also means that you have that person in your life again. You are able to build a new relationship with him/her and share all your special moments. And of course, one cannot deny the excitement of finally reuniting with that long lost friend after many years. Happy searching!


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