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6 Web Tools Which Can Be Handy If You Work Online

6 Web Tools Which Can Be Handy If You Work Online

Working online is the latest trend. Well, why not? It is the easiest way to get things done easily. It is a replacement for all the high-end software, which makes your laptop or computer slow and above all drills a hoe into your pocket. If you have chosen a profession where you need to create some art works or you need to weave magic with your words, then you should be extremely habituated with the online world. If you are happily doing your work but you are looking for a support to somehow reduce your work, then you should know few tools, which surely will come handy while working online.

  1. Word Counter– Web counter is a very friendly tool. This is an ideal tool for any writer, students or editors. The best thing about this tool is it is compatible with any web browser. In case you are using lot of bulletin points and you are unsure about the exact word count, no need to worry, upload the file in this tool, you will get the accurate number of words that you have written. Not only word document but you can upload excel sheet, PDF file, PowerPoint and many more, it allows you to upload file in any formats. This tool is very useful in finding out Keyword density as well. Use Word Counter to lessen your work load and enhance your productivity.
  1. Free Pdf Converter– Before sending any work to your client, you must remember to convert the file in PDF format. You really don’t want your clients to make any changes to your valuable document right? To prevent such issues use a PDF convert to convert all your documents into PDF file. If you don’t have a PDF converter installed, no worries, you can now do it from free PDF converter, a web based online tool for turning any document into PDF file. You can simply use this tool in any of the web browsers. You can upload excel sheet, word document or any other format to convert it into PDF.
  1. Free Photo Fix– Creating appealing visual effect is very important to win appreciation. If you are a designer or maybe an editor, photo editing becomes a part and parcel of your everyday life. If you don’t want to use any high priced software for this purpose, you can try free photo fix for editing purpose. This tool will take care of all the editing part, right from the color to the brightness; you will get the photo you want. This tool enables you to get a free professional photo editing service at no cost at all. 
  1. Tattoo Font Maker – If you are in the mood to offer something unique to your client, try this Tattoo Font Maker, you won’t be disappointed with the outcome. You can use this tool very easily, just select the font that you like, experiment with few colors and choose the font size you want to use, you will be happy with the final result. You can search on internet for the best Tattoo font generator; you will get many options, out of those choose one and work-out the best design ever.
  1. Pic Resizer – If you are not getting the correct picture size or you are not happy with the background and you want to crop a little bit, use Pic Resizer to do the same. This tool has been created to edit, resize and crop images to give it the perfect desired effect. You would be happy to know that this is a free tool, which will come handy for any web designers or image editors.
  1. Text generator – Bored with the daily monotonous texts that you are using currently? Try out the different types of fancy text generators to change the text entirely. This free tool enables you to add special characters and decorate the text. The additional effects are fascinating; you can easily impress your clients with the appealing text. You can search from a number of options available online.

These handy tools have been created to lessen your workload. These tools are just like the helping hands working with your simultaneously. You just need to explore and select the best to take care of your requirement.



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