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7 Advantages to Learning at Home Vs Going to College

7 Advantages to Learning at Home Vs Going to College

7 Advantages to Learning at Home Vs Going to College

If you are looking to improve your life, then getting a better level of education may be your best option. Perhaps you have a certain career in mind, or you’ve just always wanted to study yet never had the chance. However, as you get older and have a full-time job, kids and other commitments, it gets harder and harder to go back to college, so you may be looking for alternatives. Online study has become increasingly popular, and here are some of the reasons why, in some circumstances, it can be a better choice than attending a brick and mortar college.

1: You can live where you like

When you attend a brick and mortar college, you need to be in a reasonable commuting distance, which means you may be limited in where you live. Many college towns are expensive, due to the fact housing is in such demand, so you can end up paying a premium for your rent or mortgage. If you opt for an online degree, you can live wherever you like in the USA, or even the world, as long as you have a decent internet connection. This can save you a lot of money over the course of your degree.

2: You can graduate with less debt

With the average student debt upon graduation standing at more than $28,000, most students want to save money wherever they can. In general, an online degree costs less than one from a brick and mortar university, and you aren’t tied into expensive accommodation and meal plans.

You can also pay for your college as you go along, so you can self-fund through working part or full-time. Borrowing less means less debt when you leave, so you aren’t graduating with a feeling of dread about your financial future.

3: There’s no commute

Many college towns get clogged with traffic at peak times, and parking can be a complete nightmare. Save yourself precious studying time by doing it in the comfort of your home and avoid early mornings or late nights stuck on campus.

4: You get a wider choice of subjects

When you study at a local college, you are at the mercy of their course lists, so may not be able to study the specific subject at the level you want. However, when you choose to study online, you can pick one of hundreds of different subjects, for example, you could opt for the University of Redlands MBA, which is something your local college may not offer. 

5: You learn at your own pace

While online colleges have deadlines, like any other study environment, you get a lot more control over when and where you study and how you learn. Some people like to get their work out of the way in the early morning, while others are night owls. Some online students have jobs, while others are juggling childcare. As long as deadlines are met, you are free to do your own thing.

6: It shows you are self-motivated

If you are looking for a way to prove to a potential employer that you’re self-motivated, then tell them about your independent study. Doing this kind of degree or course takes self-motivation, organization skills and initiative, all things that employers respect, so it can make a great impression when you get to the interview stage.

7: Yes, an online degree is a ‘real’ degree

As long as you get your online degree from an accredited college, a degree you’ve gotten through distance study is on the same level as getting one from a college near your home. Most states have their own accreditation board, so do some research and read up on the quality of teaching before you commit. An accredited school will regularly be inspected, so you can be sure you’re getting the same level of education as someone who is in a brick and mortar school.

People can often be hesitant to study online, perhaps worrying that their degree won’t be as prestigious, or they won’t learn as much, but the truth is, you can get a great education without leaving your home. Many colleges now offer online versions of their degree programs, and because location isn’t an issue, you can choose from endless subject options that you can study at home. Whether it’s because of home commitments, work, or simply because you don’t want a long commute, for many people it simply makes sense to study online. 

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