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7 Amazing Ways to Make Money in Gaming

7 Amazing Ways to Make Money in Gaming

If you are reading this article, the chances it won’t be a long shot to guess that you love playing games. Have you ever considered making some money in the process?

We are living in a modern era where the entertainment industry offers many ways to profit. Let’s take a look at some methods to earn real cash by focusing on gaming!

1. A Professional Gaming Career

Instead of beating around the bush, let’s get to the gist of it straight away. If you like games so much, how about becoming a professional gamer?

You probably heard about e-sports gaming competitions. They are extremely popular, and the best players in the world can win millions of dollars per tournament. The problem is that only a handful of gamers earns such big money, and most of them struggle to make ends meet.

If you want to become a professional, you will need to invest in high-quality gaming equipment and practice a lot. We are talking about this becoming your career, which means you will dedicate to playing games full-time.

You may need to start with local tournaments or prove your skills online. You may earn modest prizes in small-scale competitions, or climb up the online ranking. If you are well enough, a professional team may notice you, and invite you to become their member.

Although competitive gaming is one of the ways to make money, it will require a lot of time and effort to succeed.

2. Playing Skill Games Online – Ideal for Casual Gamers

You may not want to go pro because you already have a job, or you are in college. Maybe you don’t want gaming to be your career, but you will still like to have a chance to earn money playing. In that case, you should turn to skill games, which are the perfect chance for casual players to make some cash on the side. 

If you want to start playing skill games online for money, all you need to do is to create an account on the desired website. You can choose between different titles and genres. The beauty of skill gaming is that a session doesn’t last more than several minutes. That gives you the option to pick up and play whenever you have a bit of spare time, which is perfect for busy people. 

The duration of matches also allows you to earn money quickly. It only takes several minutes to prove you are better than other opponents and boost your profit. That makes skill games extremely addictive and fun, but also the fastest and easiest way to make money by gaming!

3. Become a Streamer

Did you know that the most popular YouTube gaming stars have a huge daily income? It sounds hard to believe, but people are interested in watching others play. That is mostly because they don’t have the skills to pass particular levels, which is why they resort to seeing how other gamers do it.

In other cases, YouTube creators have a specific approach to content creation. Some of them tailor their videos for children, others focus on explaining to newbies how to play, and some talk in a special way while they play, which makes them interesting to watch.

You can start your YouTube channel for free, and upload content with a simple screen recorder and web camera. Apart from YouTube, you can also consider posting on Twitch, which is a specialized gaming platform. Some players record themselves live, and others prefer uploading videos. The path you want to take is up to you. 

4. Create Guides and Other Written Content

If videos are not your cup of tea, how about testing your journalism skills? You can find written gaming content online, so why not consider being a contributor? 

Try to find a game that you love to play, but it seems that its playthrough is missing. Describe passing it level by level, and offer actionable tips to players. That way, you will create a comprehensive guide. 

Alternatively, you can also create articles full of expert tips for those that are only beginning to play a particular game. It will be a way of helping newbies to avoid making mistakes until they get used to how the game works. 

You can also get creative and share your in-game stories with the world. If you have writing potential, your articles will quickly become popular, and that can bring income. You can earn off advertisements, affiliate programs, etc.

5. Become a Game Tester

Many companies prefer to hire a handful of people to test their game before it officially hits the digital shelves. If you search a bit online, then chances are you will find authors looking for people that will test their game.

That will include playing for hours, and noting all the bugs you encounter, as well as suggestions for improving the game. The fee will vary depending on the title you are testing, but if you become a reliable tester for a developer, you can earn big sums of money.

6. Sell Items You Earn in Games

Distribution platforms like Steam have in-game achievements listed for most titles in their database. You can also earn items by playing the game, and those items can later be sold to other players on the platform. It will depend on the game you play and the rarity of the item you earned, but some trophies can be sold for thousands of dollars. 

7. Become a Gaming Coach

If you think you are skilled enough in a particular game, how about training those who want to become competitive gamers? You can earn a lot of money by being someone’s tutor, but keep in mind that this comes with a few twists.

First, you will need to be an expert in a particular game and know all the tricks. Additionally, you are preparing a competitive gamer, which implies that you should have some gaming experience yourself first. While this can be a viable option for earning money, it may be wise to leave it for your “gaming retirement.”

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