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7 Amazon Marketing Tricks For FBA Sellers

7 Amazon Marketing Tricks For FBA Sellers

Running your own e-commerce business can be an extremely lucrative way to build an online business, become an entrepreneur and even secure your financial future. Selling products using FBA can be a particularly effective business model.

However, especially when you are just starting, it can be difficult to know how to best promote your businesstobe a successful Amazon FBA seller. In this article,we cover some of the best Amazon FBA marketing tips to help you to grow your ecommercebusiness in 2019.

  1. Leverage Your FBA Status

Being an Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) seller gives you extra credibility with customers: being part of the program represents a trust signal to potential customers, who will have the added security of knowing that Amazon will resolve any issues or problems which may arise with their product or delivery. Additionally, using FBA opens up shipping options such as Amazon Prime free Two-Day Shipping, Super Saver Shipping and FREE Shipping.

Leverage this by promoting yourself as an Amazon FBA in the sales copy in your listings and be sure to emphasizethese aspects. You can also use this as a trust signal on external marketing efforts such as your website.

  1. Use Keywords For Better Rankings

Implementing the correct keywords is one of the most important things you can do to drive sales for your Amazon FBA business. The best thing to do to bring potential customers to your listing and increase your sales is to rank highly on Amazon searches. Using the right keywords is one of the best things you can do (along with having great sales conversion rates) to rank on Amazon. Amazon keyword research tools like Keyworx will help you to identify the best keywords to rank your products.

The important thing is to have keywords that are not only linked to a high number of relevantsearches,but which also convert. Research user intent for every keyword, and collect data based on past keyword performance in your ownlistings, as well as competitor analysis. You can then use this data to run A/B split tests to optimisethe titles, images and bullet points in relation tokeywords and other factors.

  1. OptimizeYour Listing

It is crucial that each product listing in optimised in two respects: for Amazon, and customers. Optimizingyour listing for Amazon means using keywords and on-page Amazon SEO to make sure your listing ranks highly on search results.

When we talk about optimizingyour listing for customers this covers:

  • Visibility: driving referral traffic through PPC and Digital PR (more on both of these below)
  • Conversion rates: making sure your listing converts visitors into sales.

Conversion rates are important not just because this means immediate sales and revenue for your business, but also because this will improve your rankings, driving more sales, and so on. Don’t forget that Amazon is a business and has a vested interest in promoting listings which are most likely to make money, and so it ranks listings with high conversion rates.

Improve conversions on your listings with keywords which convert, engaging images which explain product benefits, persuasive copy, and including as many details about your product as possible, and communicating how these benefit your customer.

  1. Build Your Reviews – Fast

Another factor which will improve your Amazon rankings is having a large number of positive reviews. Be proactive in encouraging reviews from all customers – always following up at least 2times until they leave a review. Furthermore, the first 7days of your listing are crucial for ranking your product, so it is important to bring in as many reviews as possible during this time frame.

Thisis where using your network is important: when preparing to launch a new product, reach out to your contacts and ask them if they would be prepared to buy and review your product as soon as it is launched. Follow up on your launch date to make sure they go ahead and leave their review. In some cases,you may choose to offer a free sample to some of your networksby reimbursing them for their purchase, in order tosecure reviews in this crucial 7-day window.

  1. PPC Advertising

PPC (pay-per-click) advertisingis a relatively-expensive marketing strategy, at least compared to other tactics covered in this article. However, it can be a good way to boost sales when used in combination with other strategies, and in particular within the crucial 7-day window after you launch your product in order torank well on Amazon.

On Amazon, there area range of paid advertising options: headline search ads, product display ads, lightning deals, daily discounts, coupons, and sponsored product ads. Off Amazon, Google Adwords, Facebook, and Content Networks can have great results in bringing in sales leads and can represent good ROI.

  1. Digital PR

Digital PR can be a great way to reach a wider audience of potential customers and in particular to drive initial sales. Use competitor research to find sites which are already linking to your competitors and offer to create great, relevant content for them.Thisis a great way to link customers to your product page while offering something of value (great content).

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing has continued to be one of the most popular forms of content marketing with businesses of all kinds – and with good reason. Email marketing can take the form of newsletters, news on product launches, special offers, or something else. In all cases, these have great conversion rates, at least in part because your audience is already highly targeted to those interested in your products.

Building an email list of previous customers, site visitors andother contacts, and putting it to good use, can generate quality organic traffic and greatimprove sales.


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