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7 Benefits of Owning a Cooling Mattress

7 Benefits of Owning a Cooling Mattress

The importance of mattresses often gets overlooked. After all, the average person spends about half of his lifetime in bed. Plus, sleep is important for your everyday health. When you think about how much you use your mattress, everything about it matters — from firmness or softness, right down to the temperature.

It may sound strange if you cover yourself with a blanket to be warmer when you sleep, but often, a cooler mattress is better. There are many benefits to having a cooling mattress; here are some to consider if you’re thinking about investing in a new bed soon. 

1.  Pain Relief

Cooling mattresses are made of gel that cradles your body and creates custom support for you. That lets the support you receive when reclining on the bed become balanced, and you don’t sink completely into your mattress.

On a cooling mattress, your shoulders, back, knees and hips, are perfectly supported and enveloped in coolness. There’s no pressure on any of them, and your weight is evenly distributed. This helps any pain you usually feel to diminish, even if just for the duration of your slumber.

And isn’t one of the treatments for an ache or pain an ice pack? Heat packs are advised too, which you can do during the day, but your mattress has the ice pack part down all night long.

2. Personal Comfort

Like was just mentioned, the support and cushioning cooling mattresses provide is custom. It’s like memory foam, cradling the body and then bouncing back once you get up. Gel works the same way. So, no matter how many strange positions you sleep in, your mattress won’t form lasting impressions, making future sleep lumpy and uncomfortable. 

3. No More Night Sweats

Whether you actually suffer from night sweats or just get sweaty in summer, a cooling mattress can rid you of this burden. A cooling mattress is not only cool to the touch, but it regulates your body’s temperature. 

Plus, it absorbs moisture, so if you do end up sweating, you won’t wake up drenched. And the excess heat your body is holding will vanish, instead of staying trapped between you and the mattress like with traditional mattresses.

Not only that, but the heat-erasing nature of the cooling mattress lets you stay asleep for longer. You wake up when you’re uncomfortable, and heat is uncomfortable. With a cooling mattress, you can take night sweats out of the equation. 

4. They Resist Motion

Cooling mattresses feature thick padding that cradles you, so you don’t move when other people on the mattress do — even if it’s your kids jumping up and down right beside you. So even though you probably won’t (and shouldn’t) let your kids jump on the bed, this is perfect for people with restless partners who keep you awake, twisting and turning and jostling you all night long.

5. Environmentally Friendly and Safe

Most cooling mattresses are made of organic materials that are eco-friendly. Meanwhile, who knows what could be in your regular mattress? Mattresses are typically made in factories, where chemicals and materials run rampant. Plus, your mattress may contain synthetic materials made of who knows what. 

So not only are you saving the environment from a horrible shock when you finally throw away your mattress, you’re saving yourself from exposure to potentially harmful substances every night for years. 

6. Helps with Alignment

When you’re on your feet, gravity is pressing down, head to feet. This can knock your spine’s alignment out of whack, even if you don’t feel back pain. But when you lay down, gravity is forcing your whole body down, all of it at once in the same direction. And as you know, cooling mattresses distribute this weight evenly and relieve pain.

Cooling mattresses not only can relieve pain, but they can prevent it and help with your alignment. There’s nothing to kick your spine out of its perfect pose when you lay down on a cooling mattress.

7. Durability

Mattresses aren’t cheap. So why would you want one that’s going to tear or develop a permanent indentation from your body? With a cooling mattress, you’ll be buying a quality product that will last. For quality cooling mattresses at reasonable prices, check out what Muse Sleep has to offer.

Cooling mattresses have thick gel beads, which help the mattress stay in shape for years — worry free. This means you won’t have to replace it frequently, making it a practical investment, despite the higher-than-average cost of a cooling mattress.


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