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7 Camping Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy

7 Camping Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Over stressed, over stimulated, longing for that simpler time, or just looking to relax. Camping is part of our shared history, a time when family was more important than the minutiae of modern living. When camping, there are several activities the entire family can enjoy and bond during. We’ve highlighted 7 in this article.

1. Hiking

Depending on where you are camping, there could be some great hikes in the area to go on with your family. Hikes can range from all-day, 10 mile, uphill excursions to ones that are a couple miles round-trip. Before signing up for an extreme hike that may require everyone to be in tip-top physical condition, talk with your family to see how everyone is feeling.

2. Going for a Walk

Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence.– Henry David Thoreau

Maybe the best activity you can enjoy is a simple walk with no real destination. While not as extreme as a hike, walks are great for the entire family. Get into nature and experience it with one another. Walk into the woods and see what there is to see. Find interesting landmarks and enjoy the peace of nature. If you have young kids (or are pushing around a stroller), this is a great alternative to hiking.

3. Stargazing

If you lived in a city your whole life; getting out away from all the light pollution can change your perspective on life. Seeing the Milky Way cloud on a crisp clear night miles away from any artificial light source is awe inspiring.

If your kids have never had a chance to stargaze before, this is a perfect opportunity to teach them about something new. Be sure to download a stargazing app or buy a star map so you can look for all the constellations!

4. Hunting and Fishing

If you have the areas to hunt or fish near your campsite, living off the land can be one of the greatest experiences. Even if you have ethical concerns, many campsites are located near shooting ranges for rifles, shotguns, or archery that you can use to safely shoot at.

Learning and honing a skill is a great way to pass the time in nature and bond with your family. Additionally, if your kids have never hunted or fished before, this is a great time to teach them how to safely use guns and fishing equipment.

5. Cooking Over the Campfire

Sitting around roaring fire after a day of hiking and fishing is a great way to share stories and enjoy the company of others. Using a fire to cook a meal is a fun way to save money and make delicious food. Throwing potatoes, meat, and vegetables into a tinfoil container and finding just the right spot to slowly cook your meal is mouth watering fun.

For a fun and classic campfire treat, roast some marshmallows and see who can build the most epic smore. When doing this, be sure to find sticks or metal prongs that are long enough so your kids are not too close to the fire.

6. Snipe Hunts

If you have kids or a new camper in the group,snipe hunting is a tradition and a lot of fun. To give a quick break down of what snipe hunting is, it’s where you send your kids (or newcomers) out on an adventure to try to capture a snipe (which is an imaginary animal you make up). Here’s how you can do it:

  • Gather your family around and tell them all about this “snipe” animal that exists where you are camping. The goal is to get them excited and give them instructions for catching the snipe.
  • Provide them with flashlights and a large bag to capture the snipe.
  • Give them pots and pans to bang on to attract the animal.
  • Lead the family out into a clearing a little way from camp and start calling for the snipe

Once you’re done having a good laugh on your own, you can clue in the rest of your family about the practical joke and can all laugh about it together.

7. Campsite Games

Throwing a football or passing a soccer ball is a fun exercise while waiting for the fish to bite or the fire to cook food. If you have a tree nearby, hang up a dart board and play a round of darts. Consider bringing decks of cards and teaching your kids new card games at the picnic table.

Camp chores, getting lost in the woods, and every family has their own version of a campfire game. Often times, the games you make up in the moment are the best ones. The most important activities you can do while camping with your family is just be together and share the experience.


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