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7 Colleges to Study Alternative Medicine

7 Colleges to Study Alternative Medicine

At present, alternative medicine is a part of the curriculum in medical colleges. Future healthcare professionals study this subject as it becomes increasingly popular among potential college entrants. Here we present several colleges offering courses on alternative medicine in USAfor those who’re interested in pursuing medical careers.

1. Holistic Medicine School: Bastyr University 

This university is one of the most prestigious one in this rating of medical, educational institutions for those who’re willing to study this subject. This school is located in the suburbs of Washington. More than 80% of students studying at Bastyr University receive financial aid based on FAFSA application. New students like the idea of getting education out of the university campus during the first year of studies. It’s not easy to find a better college to study. 

The number of successful students there is very high. They try to do all the assignments on time, and even when they are not sure they can meet the deadline, them to get away with it. A great number of disciplines are available: Acupuncture & East Asian Medicine, Human Biology, Herbal Sciences, Nutrition, Naturopathic Medicine to name a few. This college is located in the city area, and you can enjoy the dynamic city. Apply forcase study help if the city life attracts you more than studies.


ACHS (American College of Healthcare Sciences) is one of the accredited holistic medicine schools where you can study the subject of Alternative Medicine. This college is located in Oregon. It’s easy to meet young people from all over the country there because roughly 90% of students come from other U.S. states. Its acceptance rate is 79%, that makes admissions competitive. You can study Wellness, Nutrition, and Foods to get the respective degree. The studies are conducted online for a limited number of entrants, as this is a small college: only 22 new entrants are admitted each year. 

3. Ashford University 

If you’re dreaming of getting an alternative medicine degree in a big school, Ashford University is the best choice. This is an accredited online university offering multiple healthcare programs. The university accommodates approximately 20,000 students striving for getting majors in Alternative Medicine & Systems. More than 70% of students have an opportunity to get funding for education. 

The demand for healthcare professionals is growing each year. Entering this college allows filling this gap and getting a degree in Healthcare Administration, Public Health, and Human Services. 

4. Acupuncture and Massage College 

Acupuncture and Massage College (AMC) is a relatively new college of this type. It was established in 1983 (Florida). It’s listed among the leaders offering courses on Oriental Medicine. Except for Oriental Medicine, students can choose the courses on Traditional Chinese Medicine or Asian Bodywork Therapy. You can also study holistic medicine there. 

5. Everglades University 

Presently, many medical colleges offer online education. Everglades University isn’t an exception to the rule. Campus education is also available, however. At Everglades University, you can get a degree in Public Health Administration or Functional Nutrition. These are two very promising specializations in the healthcare field. Some education funding is available for the majority of students. The university is located in Florida where you can enjoy warm sunny weather over the whole year. 

6. Johnson State College 

This public college is located in Vermont. The state program is in the top 40% of all medical programs in the U.S. Good news is that the majority of students can apply for financial aid. The bad news is that tuition fees are higher than in other similar colleges. Johnson State College offers one of the best Alternative Medicine programs in Vermont. The School of Pre-Medical studies gets high ranking each year. 

7. Texas Health and Science University 

Students can study Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine once enrolled for studies at this university. At this university, you can get a major in Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health. This is a small educational institution that offers in-depth learning of this discipline. The university is located in Texas, Austin. Therefore, you can take benefits from living and studying in a substantial city. The institution offers enrollment for less than 20 students who are willing to study this discipline. 

Alternative medicine gains pace and becomes a popular field of studies in medical universities. Many college entrants are striving for careers in this field choose this area of medical research to become a qualified specialist in this field. Holistic medicine schools start offering new courses in Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture, and Massage to satisfy market demand for these specialists. New college entrants have many programs in this field and take benefits from the opportunity to build careers in a booming niche of medicine.  

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