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7 Common Reasons Why Your Insurance Claim May Get Rejected

7 Common Reasons Why Your Insurance Claim May Get Rejected

People get themselves insured, or their property protected just so that at the time of any crisis, they do not have to worry about finances. However, what if the insurance policy on which you have been depending, rejects your claim when disaster strikes?

There are many reasons why an insurer can reject your claim, we have listed a few obvious ones below;

1. No FIR Reported:

An FIR (First Information Report) is essential to be reported if you need to process an insurance claim in case there is a robbery, your vehicle has been stolen, you got into an accident, etc. You need to attach the FIR copy with the insurance claim. There are cases where FIR may not be mandatory, but adding it anyway would make your claim more legit.

2. Filling Delayed Application:

A claim should be submitted as soon as possible. The applicant may be injured if involved in an accident, but as soon as you feel better, you should file for a claim or ask your family to help you register for a claim. Every insurance company will have a time frame after which if you apply for a claim, it may be denied.

3. Absence of Proper Documentation

Registering for a claim requires tons of documentation. It may get confusing at times. Lack of submission of all the required documents may lead to rejection of the claim, hence read all the terms carefully before you submit for a claim.

4. Insufficient Insurance Coverage

Every insurance policy has a limitation of coverage, and not all procedures are covered. So, if you have raised a claim, make sure to read carefully the arts which will be paid by the insurance and the ones which are excluded from the policy. This way, you will be more precise about the amount you should be receiving from them.

5. Inadequate Insurance Knowledge

Many times insurance companies may settle but not pay you the full claim amount. Not understanding the deductibles may make you feel cheated. Get more knowledge about insurance related terms and find out in detail about the deductibles to understand if it is a legit deduction. Many a time, the deduction may be due to confusion, and you can send a mail to your insurer to understand more about the deductibles. They will go through the claim documents again and refund if they have made a mistake.

6. Prior Incorrect Information:

If you have given incorrect information to the insurance company while registering like hiding a specific medical condition from them or criminal record, then they may reject your claim legally if they find out about the incorrect information. The chances that you can win against the company legally is also almost nil in such cases.

7. You Were Negligent:

Take an example of you getting into a car accident and register a claim, but the insurance company while investigating gets hold of CCTV footage which shows that you were not wearing a seatbelt. The company can reject the partial or complete claim in such cases due to negligence.

Whatever the reason might be, but if your insurance company refuses to pay for the damages by calling you negligent, then it may cost you a lot to cover up the damages. You may want to fight the insurer off legally, do not do that on your own, hire a Criminal defense attorney to deal with the insurance company as they are experienced and specialize in such cases hence they will be able to recover more from the insurer.

Be vigilant; do not blindly buy an insurance policy. Check for its reviews and what it covers, read the terms and conditions carefully as it is better to stay away from getting into a mess of insurance dispute.

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