7 Fascinating Facts About The Continent of North America

7 Fascinating Facts About The Continent of North America

North America is a continent. It happens to be the third largest after Asia and Africa respectively. This continent is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean on its north, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. This continent is situated at the northern hemisphere. This continent has acquired 16.5% share of the world. The closest continent to it is South America.
Amazingly, this continent has 23 countries. The biggest and the most powerful country in this continent is America. America has a population of approximately 319.4 million people. The second largest country is Canada with a population of 35.5 million people. Guatemala is the third largest country in this continent with 15.8 million residents.
Period of existence
North America has existed for almost 1-1.5 billion years. This continent was enjoined with other continents in creating the Pangaea. Pangaea was the largest land mass in the world and it was positioned in the southern hemisphere. During the division of the Pangaea 200 million years ago, North America was separated. It connected with South America 3 million years ago.
Existence of population
According to the random facts, it is believed that people have populated this continent for at least 1500 years ago. Christopher Columbus was the first person to discover the existence of North American continent. Before his arrival, there were the Norse settlers that were already living there. The time of their arrival is unknown. The first indigenous people came 15000 years ago.
Formation of empires
Before the European colonization of the Northern America continent, the natives had their own way of living. They had different cultures and they lived depending on the climatic condition of their locations. The small tribal cultures eventually developed to become very big empires in the region. For example, in the 2000 BCE, the Maya civilization was a great empire in the continent.
After the discovery of the existence of this continent, Europe invaded some of its territories and colonized them. The effects of colonialism have a negative impact on the natives. The European disease killed numerous American locals and the wars led to the destruction of some local societies. Some of the languages and cultures were eroded because of the effects of colonialism.
Number of mammals
North America is a bigger continent and most of its regions have diverse climatic conditions. Hence, mammals that live in specific climatic areas will be found in this continent. That is why this region is famous for wildlife adventures. The entire planet contains 5416 species of mammals but 965 of these species are in North America. The mammals found include the whale and dolphins.
According to North America facts, the existence of many cultural societies led to the existence of many languages. The rich history of this land has enabled it to have hundreds of languages. Colonisation brought about the extinction of certain native languages but it added some. For instance, in major parts of this continent, English is the common language yet it was not native.

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