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7 Indications that Your Third Eye Is Opening

7 Indications that Your Third Eye Is Opening

The third eye, also known as the pineal gland in today’s world is not a new thing. It was there since ancient times and was revered by various cultures. The third eye represents our spiritual ability to handle our daily challenges using our inner wisdom.

Even so, there is more about the third eye than meets the eye. For instance, the third eye is believed to have helped people become more aware of themselves in some Eastern cultures. Among other things, the third eye allows for the connection between your body and your spirit.

As such, you can become more aware of yourself and your guide become stronger with your 3rd eye. But how do you know that your spiritual eye is awakening? Read along to learn more.

1. Tingling Between Your Eyebrows

Most people have claimed to have a sensation feeling between the eyebrows when the third eye is opening. You can also feel the sensation around the center of your head. The third eye is a tube-like structure that runs from the forehead, through the pineal gland, to the back of your head.

As such, you can feel the tingling between your eyebrows or anywhere along the third-eye channel. And since the sensation feels different for every person, you should note that some people can feel the sensation even when the third eye is not opening.

As your third eye opens, try to stay relaxed so that you can enter into the feeling and unlock your clairvoyance.

2. Increased Headaches

You can also experience more frequent headaches when your third eye is opening. It can start as a mild pressure in the head but later become more intense. Sometimes this is due to energy overload as the third eye is trying to open.

It is an indication that your pineal glands are experiencing energetic growth. As such, you may consider going for a walk or meditation.

3. Having a Deeper Inner Understanding

There’s a huge difference between knowing yourself and knowing your self. The latter is more important as it will help you have a better understanding of your inner self and become self-reliant.

This distinction is eye-opening and will give you a new perspective about yourself, allowing you to become more confident and stronger. As such, if you’re feeling calmer and feel that the world is open to you and nothing can hold you back, it is a sign that your third eye is opening.

4. Increased Intuition

While having intuition might not be something new to you, when the third eye is involved, it takes it to a whole new level. In fact, an increase in intuition is among the obvious signal that your spiritual eye is awakening.

Intuition refers to the ability to know that something will happen beforehand or sensing when something is wrong or right. Most often, it comes without our knowledge though it becomes stronger after a while and can be our guide in our daily activities.

As such, you can sense dangers and know what actions you should take. While there’s no guarantee that your intuition will always be right, in most cases it will your guide to the right path.

5. Visions of Light

If you think that some of the things mentioned above are subtle, how about seeing light especially during meditation?

Remember when you started meditating. What did you see? Probably dark, right? But after continuing with meditation for some time, you probably started seeing images and colors forming within your minds.

The colors would shift from different colors, for instance, blue, green, and sometimes purple. But after your third eye starts opening, you might start seeing bright light which will be become brighter as time goes.

6. Vivid Dreams

You can also expect your dreams and meditative states to become vivid when your third eye start awakening. Your dreams will become clearer and more real. Sometimes they may seem real than what you’re experiencing at the present times.

As such, you can experience an incredible amount of healing and guidance through your dreams and meditations.

7. Gradual Change in Your Personality

Last but not least, you can expect to have a gradual, persistent change in your personality and perspective in life. yes, it’s a gradual change that will bring positive results without being forced into it. It is out of a free will and not because it’s required.

As such, you become less self-centered and more forgiving and thus start treating others kindly. Among other things, this will make you more confident, reliable, and self-reliant.


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