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7 Must-Have Features of Payroll Software That’s Worth Its Weight in Gold: How Does Yours Compare?

7 Must-Have Features of Payroll Software That’s Worth Its Weight in Gold: How Does Yours Compare?

Paying your employees the right amount each month is of paramount importance and choosing the best payroll software in India will mean that you can be confident of achieving that aim.

The way to select the right software for your needs is to learn about the essential must-have features that add value to the package so here are some key pointers to look out for.

No need for manual entry

A key feature to look out for would be the option of timekeeping integration.

If your business pays employees on an hourly basis you should look out for payroll software that includes a timekeeping module option. This will give you the potential ability to integrate with any timekeeping software you might already have in operation.

Additionally, having this module will eliminate the need to manually enter employee time updates and it should make your payroll process more efficient and accurate too.

Keeping track of expenses

One of the variables you often have to contend with when calculating payroll is expenses.

You will find it much easier to keep track of these amounts if your software has expense management capabilities.

Direct payment

Employees will always be happier when they know that they can get their wages quickly and with a minimum of fuss, which is why it would be good to see your payroll software offering a direct deposit option.

You don’t want the hassle of writing paychecks and you can eliminate this task if you can use a direct payment option integrated within your payroll software.

Allow employees access to payroll features

You can waste a lot of time and resources answering simple payroll queries and updating employee details with a change of address or bank details.

An employee self-service option would be a great feature to have as part of your payroll software package because it gives employees the ability to make certain edits to their details themselves, or access to payslips and other relevant payment details.

Your HR burden will be reduced if employees can access certain aspects of their employee profile and make changes that you would otherwise have to do, without compromising on security.

Clear reporting options

Another must-have feature to look for would be the ability to run a variety of payroll reports as and when you want them.

Don’t assume that all payroll software offers the level of reporting you might expect as standard.

Making tax less taxing

Accurately calculating your tax liabilities is an essential aspect of any decent payroll software and you will usually find the best packages to make the tax process as streamlined as possible, including automated filing.

Good support options

If you have any problems with your software or questions that need answering, you will want quick access to someone with the technical knowledge to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

Great payroll software means getting the technical support when you need it, so look for live support options.

These are all key features that should help you manage your payroll obligations with ease, the question is, how many of these options does your current software offer?


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