7 Myths about Essay Writing Services

7 Myths about Essay Writing Services

Is time going by and you are still suffering from the blank page syndrome? We know how it feels when you should turn in your assignment tomorrow morning but haven’t written a single line yet. It wouldn’t be a surprise if you start looking for help from someone else, and professional academic writing services can seem like a solution to your problem. But can you trust them?

Let’s have a look at the most popular myths about such websites and try to figure out if they are really myths.

Myth #1: It’s a scam!

Sometimes it’s true, like with any other service. Not to get into the hands of a fraudulent company, you should pay strong attention to their reputation. Here is a small list of the things you should consider while choosing a company:

  • Guarantees (which cover zero plagiarism, money-back, and privacy policies)
  • Experience in the market
  • Examples of their work (don’t mix it with papers for sale)
  • Customer reviews
  • 24/7 availability

Additionally, these can include native speakers as writers only, as well as higher prices than competitors. In any case, you will need to do some research before entrusting your money to a writing service.

Myth #2: It’s cheating

Well, if you are going to submit your paper just as you have received it, it will be definitely cheating. But there are other ways that can make using writing help legal.

You can use an essay completed by an expert as a detailed guide for your own work. You can check the main principles of the formatting style, as well as structure your own paper according to academic writing standards.

Moreover, you may use the assignment you’ve ordered as a source of inspiration or even cite it in your essay if referenced properly.

Myth #3: My paper won’t be original

In case you are going to download it from an essay bank, it definitely will. Usually, such websites are compromised, as lots of other students have already turned in these papers.

A reliable essay writing service takes care of its reputation and will never resell your assignment or publish it online. Also, such companies have strict guarantees and policies to protect you, including a plagiarism-free guarantee. This means they write each paper from scratch strictly according to your requirements and check them for any similarities against open internet sources.

Thus, such services ensure you get 100% original writing which will not undermine your good name.

Myth #4: They don’t have an expert in my field

One of the good things about getting academic help is that such companies hire their writers from all over the globe and have experts in different disciplines and various backgrounds.

For instance, here at essay writing service, we take pride in our writers who have a master’s or PhD degree of their own. Some of them even work as teachers or tutors, so they definitely know what your professor wants from your assignment.

Why are we sure they are good in a chosen discipline? Because before hiring them, we test their knowledge of the specific subject they are going to write on. Moreover, we check their level of English (yes, even if they are native speakers) to make sure it is sufficient enough for academic writing.

Thanks to such a detailed application system, we can guarantee you the quality of your paper, even if you need it in space engineering.

Myth #5: I won’t get my essay on time

It’s not true. A trustworthy writing company respects your deadlines. So, if you need your paper done in 8 hours, you will get it in 8 hours. Of course, you should mind that huge assignments or the ones which require a thorough research study cannot be delivered overnight. But 8 or even 4 hours can work for a short essay.

On top of that, if you reach out for help in advance and give a writer more time to work on your paper, you can get it for cheaper. Remember the golden rule: the earlier you place your order, the less you pay for it.

Myth #6: They won’t edit it if anything goes wrong

No, they will. Check if a service has a revisions policy. This is a sign they will edit and update your paper as many times as you need until you are fully satisfied.

Some writing companies even have a separate department of editors and proofreaders, while in others there is a quality control team who review a paper before sending it to you for approval. Thus, you can be sure your assignment will not only comply with the highest academic standards but also contain no grammatical or stylistic mistakes.

Myth #7: I won’t be able to talk to my writer

This is partially true, but not to the full extent. Most writing companies encourage you to communicate with the assigned expert. Though you cannot do it via email or phone, as they protect both your, and the writer’s, privacy. That’s why such services offer you a personal order page with online chat, where you can discuss all the important details about your paper. This ensures you are on the same page with your writer and he or she makes your assignment perfect.

All in all, whatever doubts you can have regarding entrusting your essay to a writing service, do mini-research beforehand to feel safe about getting top-notch results.

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