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7 Secret Barbecue Grilling Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

7 Secret Barbecue Grilling Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Who doesn’t love grilled food? Nothing can beat that crispy, crunchy and smoky flavor you get with a barbecue.

But most BBQ cooks know that enjoying BBQ is one thing, but cooking it is a different ballgame. The fire, burning coals, grill grates, and big chunks of raw and cooked meat can create some serious challenges. Even more, one needs the best grills out there to make the perfect barbecue.

No matter what, barbecue gatherings are very popular among everyone. If you want to master the art of cooking the best barbecue, we might have the perfect tips for you.

Are you ready to step up your grill game?

Below are 7 secret barbecue grilling hacks which will make you wish you knew them sooner.

  1. Clean That Grill Grate With Aluminium Foil 

To ensure perfect grilling, it’s important to clean your barbecue grill regularly. But if you don’t want to invest in a grill brush, aluminium foil is your magic weapon. 

You can simply heat up the grill a bit, crumble the aluminium foil into a ball and start scraping it against the grates. This ball will work as a steel wool to make sure there’s no crust or burnt debris on your grill.

You’ll be surprised to see the results.

  • Cook Your Food Directly In A Cast-Iron Skillet Or A Salt Block 

Cast-iron skillets and salt blocks are sturdy and can tolerate a lot of heat. So why not use them straight on the grill? This will still give you that smoky flavor and you wouldn’t have to worry about anything sticking or falling down the grates.

These will also provide a uniform surface for you to cook your food perfectly. And salt blocks even add a unique salty flavor to whatever you’re grilling- it’s a win-win.

  • Locate Your Grill’s Hot Spots And Use Them To Your Benefit 

Every grate has areas that are hotter than the others. 

To locate these, you can use sliced white bread and place them across your grill. After a few seconds, some of these slices will still be pale (cool spots) while others are burnt (hot spots). Now you know the hotter areas. 

You can place whatever you’re grilling on these hotspots first for that crunch before moving them to the cold areas to cook evenly.

  • Use Citrus Fruits To Grill Your Fish 

Fish can be tricky to grill because they stick on your grates. Putting oil might help but not as much.

Instead you can cut slices of citrus fruits like lemon and oranges and put your fish directly on them. They prevent your fish from sticking and also add a tangy and lemony flavor to it.

  • Put Ice Cubes In Your Patties

To prevent your burger patties from drying out, one instant hack is putting some ice cubes over it.

You can simply make a small hole at the centre and put ice cubes.

You won’t believe how well it works. Try it out yourself.

  • Wrap Heavy Objects In Aluminium Foil To Flatten Your Meats

Some foods like poultry and large pieces of pork are difficult to grill because of its uneven shape. A quick and effective solution is to weigh them down with heavy objects like bricks.

You can use aluminium foil to cover the bricks. Then place it carefully to flatten the chicken without smashing it.

Now enjoy your perfectly grilled chicken. Too yum!

  • Make Your Own Secret Barbecue Sauce 

Creating your own unique barbecue sauce takes time and effort. 

A quick hack you can try instead is adding ingredients like fruit juice or jams, smoked paprika or chipotle, coffee or butter to a store-bought barbecue sauce. You can mix everything well and cook the sauce to your desired consistency. 

We hope these few hacks help you create and enjoy your own barbecue. Happy Grilling! 


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