7 Small Law Firm Marketing Ideas To Get More Clients by Primefunnel

7 Small Law Firm Marketing Ideas To Get More Clients by Primefunnel

When someone is in trouble, and they need a lawyer very quickly, they will look one up on the Internet as opposed to going door-to-door, looking for a lawyer. When they do, you want them to find you and retain you, but first, you have to have a website. Secondly, your website must be visible. Thirdly, your website must be structured in such a way that will make the prospective clients settle for you, and not any other law firm. Offline marketing, however good, should be complemented by online law firm marketing strategies

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These law firm marketing tips will come in handy when marketing your services.

Law firm marketing ideas

·     Create a different page for every service

You do not want the clients to be bombarded by all sorts of different information in one place. The internet user, by default, hardly has any time to sift through text to find what they are looking for. Give enough information about your services in their pages, and connect all those pages using links. This way, if they want more information, they can always be guided by the links that open in new tabs to other pages while remaining in your website.

·     Embed videos on your website

As earlier stated, internet users have no time and are notoriously impatient. If they do not find what they are not looking for in the first few seconds, they will be off to another website. To make your site more engaging and more personal, make use of videos. You can hardly compare the power video has over plain text. The impact of the combination of audio and visual is strong and lasting. In a short video, you can give a brief background of your firm and the services you offer. Your prospective clients will be much more able to relate with you and buy your word when they watch you on the video, besides the fact that videos save a lot of time.

·     Incorporate feedback

Feedback in the form of testimonials and reviews is essential both for you and your potential clients. What past customers have to say about your service is very important because that is what other clients will use to measure you up. Reviews are also crucial because they reveal the gaps the firm has to work on to better your service delivery. One of the first stops people will make is the reviews, so they may have a feel of what you have to offer through the experiences of other people.

·     Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization refers to the collective strategies implemented in your website in order to make it rank higher in the search pages. It has been found that 55% of the time, people click on the top3 links that are presented to them on the page of the search engine. SEO improves your visibility in the search engine result pages (SERPs), and your website stands a higher chance to be clicked on.

·     Use content as leverage

Drawing people to your page takes an effort in itself. A series of steps ought to be taken in order to keep them there too, and such action is content. Besides giving information on what your firm does and your values, you can provide more information on areas that people regularly research. You can them incorporate calls to action that will effectively guide the readers from the content to booking an appointment or seeking your services. If you sound knowledgeable in the material that you post, you will be more trusted to be as good with your actions and legal counsel.

·     User-experience

When the client has not come to your physical office, the impression they will have of the law firm is what they first see when they go to its website – that is there first interaction with the website. Thus, what they see can be an excellent place to sell market yourself. Ensure the overall look of the site is professional and clean. Make sure all the links work, dead links are such a turn-off and may cause clients to perceive you as not serious. Do not be too verbose in your descriptions or you will wear people out, instead get to the point while at the same time providing sufficient information.

·     Pay per click advertising

Among the many attorney marketing ideas, pay per click (PPC) ads are some of the most effective. When a user searches for certain words, advertisements relevant to their search are shown to them. Primfell offers pay per click management services besides a myriad of other law firm marketing services that will come handy in correctly positioning your law firm online. 

This will set you free to focus on your cases and have great success as everything online is taken care of by a team that has a track record of successful online marketing campaigns.

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