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7 Sweet College Moments that Everyone Should Enjoy

7 Sweet College Moments that Everyone Should Enjoy

What is a typical day at a college?

  • Get up fast at 7 a.m. not to be late for the class in English Literature at 8 a.m.
  • Visit the library at 10 a.m.
  • Meet some classmates at 11:30 a.m. to prepare an urgent team project.
  • Go to the cafeteria for lunch at 12:30 p.m.
  • Attend the lecture at 2 p.m., then a seminar at 4 p.m.
  • Have dinner at 7 p.m.
  • Get prepared for the tomorrow’s classes and write a last-minute essay by 11 p.m.
  • Get ready for bed at 11 p.m.

You may ask, “Is it true that studying at a college is so memorable?” On the contrary, there are actually a lot of stressful and embarrassing situations – you have to be on time, do all the homework on its due date and take exams within the time limits, etc. Probably, someone can ask, “Why am I in this hell?”. Indeed, the college life can be full of positive emotions as well.

Let’s mention the most pleasant moments that occur in any college. Additionally, you’ll know the ways of how you can capture them to enjoy your college life immensely.

1.  Living at a University Campus

If you intend to enter a college, then it is highly likely that you have to consider your accommodation options. One of these options is offered by residential colleges. Want to really experience the student life? Don’t hesitate to choose to live in halls of residence. Most students tend to live there because it is a great opportunity to become totally immersed in the university life and make lifelong friends. It’s true that students who live on campus have more opportunities to mature. For example, they learn to cook and budget money.

2.   Taking Part in Various Interesting Activities

Any college offers numerous sporting, academic and cultural opportunities. Moreover, all students are expected to participate. Don’t miss out on the chance to realize your talents. There are many options for you – from playing in a sports team to acting in a play. Most colleges want to determine what talents their potential students can have and what attributes they can bring to the college. So, if you are a great whiz at the computer, you’re welcome to such a hobby club.

3.  Exam Preparation Days

It may sound so strange that days spent on exam preparation can be memorable. However, if you live still on campus, there are many ways of the effective preparation for your exams. You can study or revise with your roommates in so funny ways. Just try them out to get prepared so that you can recollect it later. A lot of laugh is guaranteed during the preparation. Afterward, you’ll sit with your friend somewhere in a cafe and say to each other, “Do you remember how we prepared for our exams?”

4.  Hanging Out with Students

One of the great benefits of the college life is meeting new kinds of people. Despite the unusual environment you’ve got used to seeing around, you should go outside the comfort zone. You’ll be surprised how many people you’ll meet whom you have much in common with. Attending parties, taking up challenges and learning college songs help you to make friends that you are not likely to forget.

5.  First Love and First Heartbreak

So many people had first boyfriends/girlfriends and first heartbreak in a college! Imagine you start loving your groupmate at first sight and you live happily ever after. Who knows? It may be true. Just don’t overlook! But if you experience the first heartbreak, keep your head up. Either way, first love is one of the most memorable moments in life, whether you’re a student or not. Be aware of 10 reasons why people never forget their first love.

6.  Traveling Around the Globe

Today, it is much simpler to see the world, especially before you decide to settle down. What allows to travel while being a student? It is long summer holidays, different discounts or travel grants, cultural exchange programs, many easy-going friends, etc. Have a great time to travel and pick a moment to recollect them later when you’re an elderly person. The more interesting moments will be, the more attentively your grandchildren will listen to you.

7.  Graduation Day

Everyone who is studying at a college expects the day when a diploma will be in his/her hands. Do you need to be explained how sweet this moment is? In fact, this moment is considered to be unforgettable due to the emotions every student may feel. It is great joy and relief that everything comes to a close. Despite that your eyes may be filled with sudden tears of joy, you can feel bitter disappointment that you have to leave a college where all possible enjoyable moments happened.

Every year, so many students graduate from college. And if they can do it, so you can as well. But the only thing you should remember that a college isn’t a hard labor in exile. Enjoy your student life to the fullest just there will be something to recollect with people that surround you now.

If you have no idea how to enjoy such sweet moments, feel free to apply different services that help students to succeed academically. For example, free essays online services that are available 24 hours. It is one of the quick ways to deal with written assignments urgently. It may take you an hourto write an essay. Just use it for your own good!


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