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7 Things Employers Look Out For On Your Social Media

7 Things Employers Look Out For On Your Social Media

Today, social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and others are gaining popularity for professional networking. These days, anyone looking to shift jobs may find ample opportunities on social media.

Quite a few employers these days also go through your social media accounts to understand the personality and attributes of potential employees. Companies want to ensure that the potential employee they are hiring is easy to deal with and has a clean profile. On the other hand, many companies also go for Facebook growth services to get noticed by potential candidates and make hiring easy. This is because there are billions of Facebook users globally. People are not only connecting with relevant professional communities on these sites, but top companies are also hiring potential clients from social media.

As per the CareerBuilder survey, 70% of employers check social media to make background checks and other aspects. As per another figure, about 54% of employers did not hire certain candidates when they found that they had posted unsuitable photos, had lied about their qualifications, or had posted discriminatory comments on social media. Moreover, many employers stated that they made hiring based on one or the other reason i.e. social media profiles of candidates with correct background and qualification information, the candidate with a professional demeanor, or impressive communication skills. Let’s now have a look at 7 things employers look out for on your social media profile. 

  1. Engaging Posts: Companies want to hire active employees and not dull ones. If you create posts that can engage people and start social media conversations, then you may attract your employers. You should display your talent, knowledge, and skills through your posts and try to garner attention on your posts. Following pages, understanding trends, liking things and connecting to people suggest that you are proactive. So it can be said that it is essential that you have a social media presence. If you are not active on your social media pages, it could be seen as a negative point. 
  1. Online Clashes and Conflicts: Those who gel well with everyone are preferred over ones who don’t. So, if you are engaging in social media fights because of your radical views, you are asking for trouble. You should stop doing that, since no company would want to hire a person who has the potential of creating a displeasing environment in the office because of his strong political views or religious hatred. Therefore, it is always best to keep yourself away from such fights on social media networks and follow tolerance and an inclusive policy.
  1. Online Conduct: No employer would want their employees to badmouth them on social media sites. If you have raised complaints, have posted objectionable comments, or have revealed confidential or sensitive information about your previous employers, then employers will doubt your conduct and will most like reject such candidates. So, it is important to watch your online conduct.
  1. Social Media Activities During Work Hours: This is again an essential thing that any employer would like to check about your social media account. Are you creating posts during your work hours? If yes, then you would be seen as an employee who is not sincere about his work. This is considered as a wastage of productive time when you should be contributing to the company’s work.  
  1. Sarcastic Comments About the Company After the Job Interview: Many candidates make sarcastic comments about the company even before their offer is accepted or rejected. This can go against them. Even if the company would have been considering you for the job, after reading such comments, they would rather reject your offer. So, why be so vocal about what you felt or think and post any negative remarks about the company.
  1. Lying at Job: Often employees take an off for being sick or any other emergency reasons and then mistake posting their pictures of partying with friends. Well, harmless lies to take off from work is okay occasionally, but don’t be stupid enough to post your pictures on social media the day you do so. 
  1. Grammar Mistakes: Most employers don’t like to see grammar and spelling mistakes in social media profile descriptions, especially about your academic and employment details. Your profile description and posts should be free of grammar and typo mistakes. 

These are a few things that employers usually look out for in the social media profiles of potential job candidates. Hence, it is essential that you keep your profile clean and engage in positive activities that can be helpful in the long run. Social media is a place where you can show your talent and project yourself as a promising job candidate. Hence, you should utilize these platforms sensibly and make the most of them, rather than misusing them. 


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