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7 Things to Avoid When You Are Vaping

7 Things to Avoid When You Are Vaping

We are currently experiencing one of the most interesting revolutions of our time, vaping. Vaping is taking over the world of smoking by fundamentally replacing the tried-and-true smoking methods that have been valued for countless years. Vaping is a safer alternative to smoking that allows users to get back some control of their health. Vaping provides people with the ability to curate flavors, set how much nicotine they are inhaling, and limit potential side effects from dangerous chemicals. While vaping has risen in popularity, there are still bits of misinformation floating around the internet. Today, we are going to be taking a close look at seven things that you need to avoid when you are vaping. 

7 Things You MUST Avoid When Vaping! 

Vaping has made smoking in a safe manner more possible than ever. In fact, many of the doubters of vaping point to how accessible it is as a huge negative. Why? There is no barrier to entry when it comes to vaping because just about anyone can do it. This low barrier of entry means that more and more people are vaping without firmly understanding what they are doing. In turn, new vapers are enduring mistakes that can dramatically harm their health or impact their vaping experience. In order to alleviate potential issues related to vaping, we have put together seven common mistakes and things that you must avoid when you begin vaping. 

1) Taking Dry Hits – Remember when we said that vaping was easy and anyone can do it? It’s true! Yet, the lower barrier of entry means that people are increasingly being introduced to dry hits. Dry hits are among the worst things that a vaporizing enthusiast will run into. A dry hit is when you don’t have enough liquid in the chamber of your vaporizer or e-cigarette. When you take a dry hit, it feels like you are directly inhaling death itself. A dry hit will burn your throat while killing your vibe. In order to avoid dry hits, always check your chamber before taking a hit. You can get great e-liquid from places like VapeGoldCoast in case you start to run low. 

2) Using Low Batteries – A vaping device requires a charge in order to be effective. If your vaping device starts to run low on battery, your session is going to be a struggle. Don’t ever run into a low-battery when you are vaping and don’t think that you can charge your device off of a mobile battery, either. Always make sure to charge your vaporizer battery until they are full, but also make sure to unplug the charger when they are done. 

3) Too Much Nicotine – One of the greatest joys of vaporizing is the fact that you can curate the exact concentration of nicotine that you are vaping. As a result, people can use vaping as a way to slowly taper off of nicotine altogether. With that being said, if you don’t know what you are doing, you could end up with liquid that is way too strong for you. A higher nicotine percentage can cause havoc for people who are not used to that level of the addictive chemical. When in doubt, stick to a lower percentage of nicotine. In fact, it is probably a good idea to get into the habit of closely reading the chemical makeup of all vaping juice that you purchase. 

4) Overly Cheap Equipment – In the old days, a cigarette was a cigarette. While there were definitely differences between the quality of tobacco or the type of filter being used, you knew what you were getting. Vaping devices are a completely new demographic of products that could cause some havoc if you don’t know what you are looking for. A simple search on the internet will reveal tens of thousands of products that are hard to discern from one another. Many people who are dealing with limited budgets are turning toward the cheapest options available, and that isn’t always the best of ideas. Make sure you get something decent when you are first starting out vaping as cheap equipment can lead to harmful side effects in some instances. 

5) Ghosting Flavors – Consider your vaporizer cartridge as a type of external tasting palette. When you smoke one type of juice for a week and then switch to a completely different type, you are going to run into a mixed palette. This mixed palette is essentially what Flavor Ghosting is all about. When you switch juices, it is probably a good idea to thoroughly clean out your tank. Pay close attention to the manual that came with your vaporizer so that you can clean it safely without voiding your warranty. 

6) Smoking Too Much – Have we mentioned that vaporizers make it easy to smoke? In fact, vaping devices make it so easy to smoke that most people don’t even realize just HOW much they are smoking! You’ll want to be careful when it comes to vaping, at least when you first start out, because you really will run the risk of vaping too much. In fact, over-vaping is a legitimate concern and a counterpoint to the fact that vaping can help people quit smoking. Over-vaping can actually make smoking habits for some people demonstrably worse. So long as you are forward thinking and aware of what you are doing, you should be in good shape. 

7) Not Cleaning Equipment – Finally, vaporizing devices are so convenient that they can be easy to ignore. When you ignore cleaning out your vaporizing device, you run the risk of burning the product out early. Taking proper care to clean your vaporizing device will allow you to extend the life of the product while also keeping your flavors clean and pure. 

Vaping is a fun hobby that is rapidly becoming much more than a trend. Smokers are using vaping in order to get away from cigarettes, and we can’t blame them! With that being said, take caution with vaping so that you don’t run into the issues that we highlighted above.


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