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7 Things to Consider Before Choosing the Right Domain Name Provider

7 Things to Consider Before Choosing the Right Domain Name Provider

There is no doubt that the availability of hundreds of domain registrar makes it quite difficult and tough to decide which one is the right company. Many providers charge a lot of money at the time of renewal despite the fact they offer huge discount offers when you register a new name. This is the most common strategy in web hosting and domains industry, and companies are making thousands of dollar each year. So, it’s advised to check below mentioned points before making any purchase thoroughly; otherwise, you might end up wasting extra money.

7 Things to Consider Before Choosing the Right Domain Name Provider

Registrar History and Customer Support

Spending money is dead simple but getting a refund is not whereas most domain registrars don’t serve money back guarantee. The thumb rule is, browse online reviews as well as ratings on sites like Yelp, BBB, and other reviews blogs. It gives you a clear overview and company’s history about their business practices as well as customer services. In a nutshell, do check their online history, years in business, and most importantly customer help services.

Real User Reviews

Nowadays, you can find hundreds of genuine user reviews online regarding almost any product; the same goes for domain name providers. For example; there are many reviews about NameCheap and GoDaddy, and both are one of the best domain registrars available to choose from. You might know that GoDaddy is the biggest domain provider company which also serves other e-services including email hosting, web hosting, eCommerce solutions, and marketing tools. The thing is, you should verify before buying anything from your preferred registrar.

Registration Prices and Renewals

It’s a common practice to offer massive discount deals at the time of first purchase because it helps enticing more customers thus more profitable and sales as well. That’s why most of the firms utilize this technique and offer irresistible discount deals. But, the actual hurdle starts at the time of renewal, no matter it’s a hosting account or domain renewal, they demand a hefty amount which not everyone affords. It’s wise to analyze first time price and renew rates before going ahead. Otherwise, you will have to pay more or end up losing your domain name which is not something you can compromise on.

Domain Management Panel

An intuitive and easy to navigate control panel is always a win-win deal. Luckily, almost all domain registrars nowadays do offer great and easy to follow management panel where modifying DNS settings or internal stuff is quite simple yet easy. But, it is advised to check online reviews and videos to double verify if the company has a good panel.

Payment Methods

It’s always better to have various payment gateways such as MasterCard, Visa Card, PayPal, and Bitcoin, etc. It provides more versatility and flexibility. On the other hand, let’s say, if your MasterCard gets expired, you can still continue enjoying services by utilizing PayPal or other payment channels.

Auto-Renewal Option

We all are busy in our daily life, right? As a webmaster or professional blogger, you could forget renewing your domains. In that scenario, having auto-renewal feature save your ass. It automatically renews domain names near to expiring date. So, your host must have this feature.

Third-party Integration

3rd party apps integration is another must-have feature to enhance services with other tools like Google Apps, Google Drive. It helps to make things easier as well seamless and plays a vital role to achieve more. Some providers charge a fee; however, some allow free. Pick wisely and check which one is more profitable and easy to use.

So these are some of the most important factors you must keep in mind before choosing a new registrar. You can find more about domain registrars at to discover more information.


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