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7 Tips to Help Improve Your Taproom Revenue

7 Tips to Help Improve Your Taproom Revenue

Are you the owner or manager of a local brewery? If so, you know the name of the game is to continue growing your business. Chances are, you regularly discuss how to grow sales in your taproom on a weekly or monthly basis; however, have you created a realistic growth plan?

If not, it may be time to consult the professionals, such as the services offered by Small Batch Standard. You can also use the tips here to help improve your taproom revenue and ensure the success of your local brewery.

  1. Offer a Larger Number of Unique Beers

Do you want to create a new revenue stream? If so, consider offering (or creating) a new flavor of beer. Doing this provides your brewery with the opportunity to not only sell more beer, but also to improve your revenue.

If you use this strategy, be sure to share the upcoming new “flavors” with your social media followers and on your website. The more buzz you can create about it, the better.

  1. Switch Your Offerings Each Season

Do you currently offer new flavors and types of beer for each season? If not, you need to. After all, who doesn’t look forward to pumpkin spice in the fall, and lighter flavors during the spring? If it works for coffee and milkshakes, it can work for beer, too.

Also, by offering new, seasonally exclusive flavors to your customers, it gives them a reason to keep coming back to your taproom to buy additional beer.

  1. Offer Growlers for Refills

If you sell growlers in your taproom, you can keep people coming back, again and again. After all, who wants an empty growler at home? No one, that’s who! Filling it up will be a must once they have purchased it.

  1. Offer a Loyalty Card

Acquiring loyal customers can be challenging. One way to master this effort is by offering a loyalty card. One example of a loyalty card is for every 5 (any number works here) growlers filled, your customers receive a free beer and tasting glass. Think about how many people that would appeal to and keep coming back to your taproom again and again.

  1. Limitations

While this may seem somewhat counterintuitive, capping beer quantities that are allowed to be purchased helps to keep people interested. However, you have to have beer that’s worthwhile.

Rather than selling more beer to just a few people, sell just a little bit to many customers. As your distribution capabilities continue to grow, you can increase the per person limits you have imposed.

  1. Offer Taproom Beer “To Go”

Bottle or can your beer from your taproom and offer it to your customers “to go.” This is a pretty self-explanatory method. Offer tastings, too, after all, samples are fun. Providing customers with a quick taste can help you sell more glasses of beer, especially to someone who doesn’t know about everything you offer. Additionally, if your local law allows it, consider adding tasting flights to your menu.

  1. Host Events at Your Brewery

A fun, private event is a great way to get people to come to your taproom. There are all types of celebrations and events you can host, so think about this as you are trying to grow the revenue you are earning.

As you can see, there are several ways you can effectively increase the revenue to your taproom. Consider using one, a few or all of these tips to improve your customer appeal. You will be surprised at how effective the methods can be.


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