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7 Tips to Look Fore Before Selecting a Domain Registrar

7 Tips to Look Fore Before Selecting a Domain Registrar

Is it tough task to find the right domain registrar especially when there are unlimited options? No. But it can be if you are a newbie. When choosing any domain provider you should check certain factors before registering a domain name.

Generally people invest much time while selecting a web hosting company but ignore to take precautions while buying a web address. In worst scenario, you might end up losing your domain name. So you must follow below factors in order to find a reliable registrar.

Prices and Renewal Rates

The price of a domain name might not be the important for everyone. But mostly the newbies are budget conscious. Some domain registrars attract the new users by their introductory prices. Like offering a domain in almost $1 for the first year. But after one year when you are going to renew the domain then you have to pay almost $15.

So that’s a huge difference. You can select such kind of domain registrar in case of when you want a domain for only one year. But if you need a domain for at least 3 year then you must choose a registrar having low renewal rates. Such kind of registrar may not offer introductory prices but the low renewals can save your money.

ICANN Accredited

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN is a nonprofit organization that control domain names registry system. This is the only organization that handle all the domains. If you focus while buying a domain you can see that there is fee of  $0.18 which goes to ICANN. So you must also see that the registrar is authorized by ICANN.

Domain Lock

Domain lock is function that prevent the user to transfer the domain from one domain registrar to another. Some domain registrar keep this function in their hands while some allow their users that they can lock or unlock the domain. In my opinion this function should be in the hands of the users so that he/she can transfer the domain easily.

In the other case if the company did not allow the user to change their domain lock status then the can contact to the support to change the status.


Reputation and user reviews of a domain registrar also matters a lot to decide if it worth’s your money. The registrar must follow the ethical code of conducts. You may find the reputation status at BBB where people rate their experience about the company as well as make use of third part review websites. At, you can find real user experience and in-depth reviews to make a wise decision.

Support Services

Customer support is always an important factors whether you are buying a hosting or a domain name. The problematic situation can be arises at any time. Suppose there is a problem and your domain is not working then a handy and friendly support team will save you. Yes it is true that you did not need help frequently in case of domain name but still active support team must be there.

Prices of Related Things

The prices of related thing like the WhoIsGuard and SSL etc. When you registering a domain also keep in mind the pricing structure of these. The company may offer domain at low rates but the add-ons may be available at expensive rates. Yes you can purchase these add-ons from the other provider but this require some additional technical settings. Some purchasing all these at one place is good for those having low technical skills.


I always love freebies. There are companies that offer valuable freebies along with the domain name. Just take the example of Namecheap, they offer free WHOIS privacy guard for a lifetime period. Whois Guard is a very valuable feature that protect your privacy. Not only NameCheap there are many other top domain registrars with freebies so do your research before subscribing for a domain.


Don’t take it easy while selecting a domain registrar. Domain is a very important element of your online business and official website. Selecting a registrar blindly will get you in severe trouble. So always keep in mind the above factors to consider and check thoroughly before picking a registrar.

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